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Rhiannon's Ghost light?

[Post New]by cjpandie on Mar 24, 11 1:42 PM
[b] She lead me to the standing stone, but I didn't see her after breaking the car window and taking the rocking horse. And I haven't gotten the email from Jon about finding her body. I made a mistake and placed the rocking horse under the standing stone, so I am going to start at an earlier saved time, before I had it and go through it all over again. But can someone tell me what makes her ghost light show up on the wood path. I picked up the holly and put it back, but didn't see her. Need to find the claw also. I guess I am rambling but it is helping my mind to know what I've done and haven't. Thanks for listening fishies.


Re:Rhiannon's Ghost light?

[Post New]by kazkaz1957 on Mar 30, 11 1:07 PM
Hi cjpandie

I hope I'm not too late. It is reading the diary in the car (turning every page right to the end) that triggers the ghost you mention. Just for info - If you placed the horse under the standing stone by mistake, you needn't have started again as it would have been returned to you once to tried to pair it up with another item (either twig or object accepted in that area) unless the next item you happened to place there was the correct twig that paired with it - in which case you would have succeeded in transforming the horse (hopefully that makes sense). The only reason you can't now find the claw is that you need to see the ghost (see above) and read the next email from Jon (which is triggered by the ghost appearing). So to continue from where you are now, read the diary and the rest should follow. However, don't worry about making a mistake with the things you put under the standing stone because once you have place a possible pair of items under the stone, if you get it wrong, those items will come back so you can try again.

I hope that helps

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