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Windows 7 Help: Try this to play Fix-It-Up: World Tour

[Post New]by Aquaa on Mar 25, 11 4:46 PM
If you have Windows 7 and can't play this game, here's what I did to fix the annoying problems. Hope it works for you too!

* Go to Computer
* Select Program Files (x86) Folder [or whereever you have big fish games saved)
* Select Big Fish Games Folder
* Select Fix-It-Up: World Tour Folder
* Click on Organise Tab
* Select Folder and Search Options
* Click on the View Tab
* Check Show Hidden Files
* You should now see a new file in the Folder - Right click on Fiu2 File.
* Select Troubleshoot Compatibility
* Select Troubleshoot Program
* Uncheck all and then check the I dont see my problem listed box, then Next
* Select Windows 98/Windows ME, then Next
* Again check the I dont see my problem listed, then next
* Start The Program.

Have Fun playing

Please Note: Once you have done this, you may need to click on YES to allow the changes to take place on the computer (if the User Icon Shield Icon appears at the bottom), before your game will start loading.

Post back if it works for you...

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Re:Windows 7 Help: Try this to play Fix-It-Up: World Tour

[Post New]by powerfuldot on Sep 4, 11 8:46 PM
So i did the above and now the game won't open. I get an error message asking for name and security key.

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