level 65 or 98/145.

[Post New]by ammys3boys on Mar 27, 11 12:42 PM
can't get the 4 flowers by the colored stones. Help please

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Re: level 65 or 98/145.

[Post New]by bfgImbrium on Mar 28, 11 3:02 AM
Hi ammys3boys,

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Here are some posts that may be helpful:

Level 98

ZEUSYLOO wrote:I'm stuck on level 103. Level 98 became easy when I realized that to free a corner elf, I was also against a flower, so all I had to to was connect to another flower and the elves were free.. I spent a lot of time trying to connect to two flowers in the centre, until i realized only one was necessary, I was already against the other. It is still an extremely hard level, but that's what makes the game great. You need a little luck with the colors served out to you also. If it was easy, there would be no sense of victory!

ZEUSYLOO wrote:Can't remember what 98 is about, but if you go to the lower corner to the blue menu oval and put your pointer to where there is just blue, no word menu, and when your pointer turns to a small white arrow and you press there, it will freeze the game. You can then see the tiles you have and the next one coming without the clock moving and you can plan your moves. Saves a bit of time. Found that by accident!

You can find more posts about level 98 in the thread below:

Level 98

Hope this helps!


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