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[Post New]by rbken91 on Mar 27, 11 1:30 PM
I tried using the stratagy guide in the tutorial and was told That I would have to buy it. After I bought the game and the guide, I was playing the game and wanted to use the guide, I had to shut the game off and choose the guide from my list of games. All the other games I've played ,the guide came on when I clicked the button during the game. Whats hup?

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Re:Stratagy guide

[Post New]by Shevyron on Mar 27, 11 1:52 PM
in game strategy guides tend to be in Collectors Editions (its part of the extra bonus stuff for CE's)
when the release the Standard Edition (SE) they will often release the strategy guide as a separate file that can be bought.
a quick way to be able to come out of the game is to click the windows key - the puts the game down into task bar, and you just click on the icon in the talk bar to open it up again
Could i also suggest that there are nearly always walkthroughs created by other gamers (though this is not always) there are normally at the top of the individual game forum and are free.
for example here is this games walkthrough
hope all this makes sense

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