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what were they thinking?

[Post New]by QUZEMOTO on Mar 27, 11 10:28 PM
i really don't like this game. i was tempted to delete in the first few minutes but kept going. ite,s are very small in quite a few of the scenes. there is was too much dialogue. the india man looks like a mummy. the dog keeps barking in the dialoque until the guy sets him free? what do we care? it is just dialogue. the find the differences is not clearly divided and just alot of wrong with it for me. for those of you who enjoy it - good luck and God Bless.

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Re:what were they thinking?

[Post New]by lornaovenden1 on Apr 2, 11 9:06 AM
I so agree, absolute rubbish, waste of money - far too much dialogue, hint takes too long to fill up to skip rubbish minigames, you just have to wait, too long


Re:what were they thinking?

[Post New]by janiebsg on Apr 12, 11 6:07 AM
This game was very childish and too much dialogue, not enough hidden
objects and that is what I bought the game for. If I wanted all the other
little games I would have bought them !!! WASTE OF MONEY

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