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Frog In the Collection

[Post New]by scalad on Mar 30, 11 12:03 AM
The frog is the last of the items I need to collect. But I can't find it. Does anyone know where it is? Thanks. I have gone through the threads and apparently there is whole discussing where the collections are but I can't find that too. Please help! Thanks

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Re: Frog In the Collection

[Post New]by GeorgeTSLC on Apr 1, 11 8:56 AM
Moderator: Do not delete the link below; it's to a page in this forum!

At the bottom of the excellent suelyn has a complete list. Her entry reads "Frog: south of grave in grass." I suppose "grave" means the inscribed stone on the other side of the river. And note that, as she points out, all collectibles appear and disappear thru the game.

I can't imagine why you didn't find the thread, given that its title is "Collections driving me crazy" and you say you've pawed through the forum. An Advanced Search on "collections" and "Farm Tribe" finds it easily among the first hits.

The post from suelyn is the last on its 3rd page. Did you not think to page through?

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