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When did the Whale appear?

[Post New]by GrandWeeze on Mar 31, 11 11:30 AM
Watching the old counselor/mage/guardian telling Anna what to do and that someone else would help her. Kept seeing him speaking to her until just before the end of the demo when the whale appeared in his place. Was I too busy looking for dolphin and crystals that I missed the old guy changing into a whale? I like a story line with a little more logic in its unfolding. I know it's fantasy, but the development of the story should still make sense. That being said, I really enjoyed Empress I and the graphics and music are beautiful here. I like that the mini puzzles are easy, but I would like to keep my brain working on the adventure/interactive elements. I'll wait for the SE.

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Re:When did the Whale appear?

[Post New]by JennEdge on Mar 31, 11 12:39 PM
Trust you get further you'll start to get the story about the Whale and Jacob both speaking to you...

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