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Book of Water and Fire!

[Post New]by mintjulelip on Mar 31, 11 6:57 PM
When the original Dream Chronicle game came out back in...2006? 2007? (can't remember exactly when it was released) it was way ahead of it's time. The graphics were spectacular compared to other games in the HOG genre and it was a trend-setter as far as the iHOG genre was concerned. When the devs revealed the game at a trade show, many publishers were wary and the game wasn't even picked up right away. When the game was finally released, it became wildly successful and went on to set the standard for not only the HOG genre, but the success of the game opened the way for the relatively new iHOG genre. Each successive release has been better than the last. These games are by far and away some of the best in either genre.

The reason I bring this up is because I was bored with nothing new to play so I decided to go back and replay the Dream Chronicles series. I had forgotten just how beautifully done these games are and even years later, they are still far superior to many of the newer games being released.

The graphics are absolutely stunning and beautiful. The storyline is engaging and is more like a STORY than a "storyline"; each sequel progresses the tale and you find yourself as immersed in the story as you are in the game. The soundtrack is very well done and completely fits the story. I have played every demo and bought every game and have never had any bugs or technical issues with the games. Game play is logical, interesting, and the game mechanics are well thought out and easy to use.

There are only a handful of games I rate as high as Dream Chronicles - the Mishap Series (another superb series) and Drawn are just a few that I believe are in a league of their own.

I read in one of the trade columns that the next two installments, Book of Water and Book of Fire are due to be released in 2011 ... HOWEVER, a little birdie told me that Book of Water is due out VERY soon! YAY!!! I cannot wait!

If you are looking to try something new and haven't played these games, give them a try. They are very much worth every penny of the $6.99 or a game credit.

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