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Locations of all Diary CARTRIDGES *SPOILERS*

[Post New]by WilJul on Mar 31, 11 11:07 PM
Here are the locations of all of the diary cartridges in the order they are listed in the Strategy Guide. Page numbers refer to reference location in Strategy Guide.

1. P. 14 – SPRING - SPRING AQUEDUCT – Clam door, up on wall on right
2. P. 21 – SUMMER - SUN OF DREAMS – when in SUN (bldg with elevator), go to the right, see circular turbine-looking alcoves. Cartridge is above and to the right of first (far left) alcove.
3. P. 30 – FALL - FLOATING GARDEN - In stone building with statues with cornucopia and crowns, enter bldg, see spiraling stairway, cartridge is on the far right, just below top of handrail
4. P. 34 – WINTER - THE COMET - After entering Winter door, see location with floating diamond-shaped lamps (?) tethered to the ground with chains, see two lamps(?) centrally located in foreground, cartridge is on lower portion of left-most of the two lamps(?).
5. P. 39 – WINTER - THE COMET – From palace courtyard, see tower on right with Zem glyph on it’s front, enter the bldg, see view looking up spiraling stairs. Cartridge is on the far right, slightly more than halfway down the screen.
6. P. 44 - SPRING - THE ROYAL THEATER – From courtyard with yellow and red circular pattern on ground, go to bldg on right (the theater). When looking at doorway that requires seahorse, cartridge is to the left of the left column, wrapped in a bar of music.
7. P. 49 – SUMMER – SECRET LOUNGE – Go in elevator, push water droplets, cartridge is on the wall to left of door that requires seahorse.
8. P.55 – FALL – JACOB’S STUDY – Go to door that requires the seahorse, cartridge is on a shelf on wall on left above a hole in the wall.

Enjoy! Happy gaming!!

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Re:Locations of all Diary CARTRIDGES *SPOILERS*

[Post New]by SolarEclipse on Apr 1, 11 12:09 AM
Thank you so much for this. It is greatly appreciated!!!


Re:Locations of all Diary CARTRIDGES *SPOILERS*

[Post New]by spiritlaughing on Jan 30, 13 2:31 AM
Thanks WilJul! I had almost pulled all my hair out trying to find the last one!

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