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cows and milk

[Post New]by sas65 on Apr 1, 11 10:13 AM
I run out of milk for the yogurt. I bought more cows, but they do not produce milk in order for me to keep up with the yogurt. any suggestions.

so you all buy extra plants, or sell plants, im getting kind of lost. Do you have to pick a certain no of crops to be able to get the assistants, i have used jim, but do not know how to get the next one.

thank you for your help

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Re:cows and milk

[Post New]by Anca_a on Apr 1, 11 1:33 PM
For the cows to make milk faster they have to have grass and water without them asking for it, it will go faster if they don`t ask. When you are picking plants you make some kind of chain reaction, those will be added to your sidebar for assistants, so try making as many chain actions as you can. Maybe you can use only Jim because the other 2 are blocked, you`ll use them on a more advance level, you`ll have some picture saying that your going to have another assistant.

Hope it will be useful

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Re:cows and milk

[Post New]by NZBloke on Apr 1, 11 8:52 PM
Cows... make sure they have grass and milk. To get them to go faster, click on them and they will run to either eat or drink.
Crops... most crops I have four of a kind. A few that I need for both crops and machines I have eight.
Helpers... They arrive in later levels.

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