Where is the police station?

[Post New]by Westwitch12 on Dec 16, 08 9:58 PM
It supposedly is just past the fountain, but the door I can get to is always locked. Am I missing something? Is it in the garden area that's gated off? I'm in act 4 and have consulted a walkthru to see if I need to do something special to make the police station open and it doesn't mention it. I have done everything else in act 4 except the police station, can anyone help?


Re:Where is the police station?

[Post New]by arlenebeaupre on Dec 16, 08 11:05 PM
The police station is on Letherbridge Island. You have to go to the beach on the paved side, from the hotel, you will pass a pub, keep walking till you come to the beach. On the beach there is a phone, pick it up and they will ask if you want a ride to the island. Say yes and Will Jenkins will come with the tractor and bring you to the island. I hope this helps. The police station is the fourth building in the scenery. Good Luck....

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Re:Where is the police station?

[Post New]by craskehouse on Dec 18, 08 10:17 AM
The door will be locked untill you get the sketch of the man.

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