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OK....I have finished Poirot's list of things to do. The last thing being to make things right between Gladys and Will and that girl...but now I dont know what to do next. I've been walking about in circles with no clue as to what to do next.
Anyone know? Please HELP

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[Post New]by phoebe222 on Dec 18, 08 4:07 PM
If I remember correctly, you have to help this young lady (forgot the name, someone's daughter) to clean the bird first, before making up for Will and his girlfriend.

Goggles are given by the hotel manager when you speak to her at one point.

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[Post New]by pwilmarth on Dec 18, 08 4:59 PM
Patrick Redfern has some broken goggles that Poirot needs to repair. You will need to find a leather strap and an ice pick to do that.

You need to clean the bird then go to the Post Office and spot Linda with a box of candles. That will fix the problem between Gladys and Wills.

Mrs. Castle will give Poirot some binoculars in exchange for returning a book to the library.

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