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[Post New]by MEnr56 on Apr 3, 11 2:31 PM

Although I had to use my hints in several FINAL scene areas, I STILL found this game sooooooooooo much easier than the Dr. Chaos game. I was able to finish this game just a tad within 3 1/2 hours whereas the Dr. Chaos took me DAAAAYS and REPEATS of the same levels because I'd keep running out of time. With this game, I did NOT have to repeat 1 level.

It was an alright game worth the DD but personally, I would've never paid the full price for it as it just too anxiety-ridden.


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[Post New]by NEPAT on Apr 6, 11 4:32 AM
I also finished the game quickly, in under 3 hours. Glad I bought it on the Daily Deal. Most of the objects were easy to find, although some were different spins on the same word...i.e. Mouse could be animal or computer mouse. That part, I enjoyed.
Many of the objects were repeated in each scene or level.

Decent middle-of-the-road HOG

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