Keep The Game Going Until The Programming is Updated.

[Post New]by moonrnner on Apr 4, 11 6:31 PM
In order to really keep playing and not starting over do to losing everything start buying cities right off the bat. The way the poker game is programed this is the only way to keep playing until they program the game with random generation for each deal and not predetermine the winning seat. Just keep increasing a day at a time and your income will grow more and more as you keep buying cities. All that you will lose is reputation which does nothing to you and yon can keep playing continually As you buy more and more cities you income will really start to jump each day at a time and you can accomplish all things. This is the best way to go until the game is released with proper random generated poker hands each deal.

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Re:Keep The Game Going Until The Programming is Updated.

[Post New]by tmcarson1 on May 10, 11 9:40 PM
Interesting concept, I will give it a try.


Re: Programming is Updates; riverboats; and of course hats!

[Post New]by vertigo101 on Jul 20, 11 3:46 PM
Sleeping is the key on "winning" the game, and once it dawns on you that a loss of reputation makes no difference, you can "sleep" until you own each new town you come across - playing the odd tourno to get access to new places to sleep, and win transportation.

It is of course it's hardest at the start as sleeping for cash isn't profitable and you must either have a rip-snorter first few tournos (which happens occasionally), or slog it out borrowing and repaying until your luck or strategy starts winning tournos (which happens regularly). On seldom ocassions the programming will even hammer you penniless and luckless and it's simpler just to delete the character and start afresh.

As for waiting for a programming update that allows "random" events? I wouldn't hold your breath... ... The game is as "random" as it will ever be. The programming updates needed are: (A) The "insertion" of a riverboat! ( The capability to buy and WEAR hats that are offered for sale in other locations that don't carry said item. When considering hats are such fashionable items, a larger variety of colours would have us amused playing dress-ups longer. And while I'm on HATS, I'm sure when I first played this game I had a choice of five colours. Seems strange to pay for more, and actually receive less. (C) and don't think I'm a cynical killjoy please, the writers might even consider programming your "reputation" to have an effect on your poker prowess.

Hey, I hope this post has helped you somewhat, and I hope you have endless joy, as I have, playing this frustratingly enjoyable game.
Cheers All


Re:Keep The Game Going Until The Programming is Updated.

[Post New]by thatsthat9 on Jul 23, 11 5:57 AM
I now have something like $156,000.00. I own all of texas except the train and the oil. The little towns people said use the train so i would play for the train. I have used it back and forth and won i dont know how many times. I'm not sure the train knows I'm playing for it yet. When i first started this game i had to go sleep alot until i got the moneymade to buy the rest of texas. My reputaiton goes up now and then since. I think it got so use to me sleeping that it doesnt log my reputaion very often. The towns people will say my reputtation is going up. But as soon as i go to the next day its gone. I have had trouble with the right hat color to win the stars. I had the right hat but it wouldnt see that i did for a couple days. I think the towns people helped by commenting on my fashion or something like that.
I talk to them a lot. Some times i think they do help things move on. Some times they dummy up and are no help at all. Like now with train and also the nortoiuis player quy with ! mark is in denile about me playing him. But the towns people say i should be playing him. Any way i have been running back and forth on the train from town to town playing in tornies til some thing figures out I'm there. I think i went to tecch support when i had my first problem . They never answered me but i think shortly after i was able to go on to my next goal. I dont really know if that helped or if it was just a quiky- dink. I dont know about any up dates but i say just dont quit.
Go to different towns play different tornments win money some where along the line things will change. Keep comunication up with the townes people. They do know the rules. Talk to different ones.
Some how i now they have helped me move on when i thought it was stucck. I am now on the 807th day.W/ $156,000.00. They can't stop me here i still have places to go. TEll ME THEY WOULDNT MAKE A GAME JUST STOP WHEN ITS NOT DONE?

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