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Maze ? or little ball to get down

[Post New]by bcorsica on Apr 6, 11 10:51 AM
this is crazy ! 45mn trying to move that ball from up to down. No way to skip and I am almost at the point to throw my pc by the window. I cannot believe they came up with such a stupid mini game and so hard considering the ",magnet" who keeps attracting the ball....I am almost at the end ....and I am sooo mad !

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Re:Maze ? or little ball to get down

[Post New]by Susie_Q_ on Jun 1, 11 1:05 AM
I did it eventually. As it moves towards the hole you just have to tilt it quickly in the opposite direction to balance it and then in the direction you want to go.
You can also do it in small movements if you are patient! Good luck.

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