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Someone PLEASE help!!

[Post New]by bardiva67 on Dec 17, 08 1:45 PM
ive been walking around for hours, and getting nowhere...heres what i have so far: coins, brocheure, mineral oil, magazine, pills feathers, key floorplan, ice pick, tennis ball, float and boat varnish...the only instructions are to help oakley find a gift, and clean the bird....someone said someone in town could help me, but phone wont work, and i didnt do the suitcase in barrys room yet...please help me know what to do next, im tired of going in circles!


Re:Someone PLEASE help!!

[Post New]by holycowharry on Dec 17, 08 3:13 PM
The game requires many tasks to be accomplished…some easy, some difficult.
There are several excellent ‘walkthroughs’ available that will make it easier.
Just Google…Evil Under the Sun walkthroughs.

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