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Boo, Hiss, Pooey!!

[Post New]by DragonLadyOz on Apr 8, 11 11:55 PM
Hi there,
Whilst I enjoyed this game I have a gripe about the Extra Game Play. It has nothing to do with the length or actual quality of this section of the game, but (highlight below for a possible spoiler) ...
there are no interactive items in the H0 scenes! These made the original section of the game much more fun and I feel that the Developers were very, well, lazy to not include at least one interactive item in each of the H0 scenes in the "extra game play".
This is not the first CE in which this has happened. ERS have done the same thing.

Just my opinion.


Re:Boo, Hiss, Pooey!!

[Post New]by heatherington on Apr 10, 11 2:16 AM
I bought this game and played it all the way through, but let me tell you, I thought the spiders were very unnecessary. They became less as the game progressed, but why the developer felt it necessary to put me through that I will never know. Please, reduce spiders in games.

Orca Whale
Orca Whale
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Re:Boo, Hiss, Pooey!!

[Post New]by Belladonna32 on Apr 10, 11 2:24 AM

Thanks for the comment -

I have only ever bought 2 CE's always wait for the SE as I think for me they are better value (don't use anything other than the extra game play so unless it's long & really good it's better value to get 2 SE's)

So basically what I'm saying is that you have just confirmed that in this case I am definitely right to wait

I sympathise if you don't like spiders, personally they never bother me, in games or in real life, but I can see it could be a problem for some.
Hope you enjoyed the rest of the game though.

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