Tips to clear up game play confusion

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OK.. a few fish posted some complaints about lack of instructions, certain parts of the game etc etc. Hope these help! Post any questions or tips you'd like to share!

The Transparent Girl.
She is only transparent when you have the cursor on her. This is actually a help not a hindrance as you can still move tiles she is "standing" on. I hope more M3 Developer's pay attention and include this option. On a path game it stinks when the person is blocking a move. This was also the only dislike I had in Cave Quest.

What blocks do I clear and how?
The object of the M3 board is not only to get Miss Twitchy Pants to the end of the path. There are brown blocks which are broken in 1 move, gray blocks moved in 2 moves, rocks that can be either moved down or broken with the pick axe, ice blocks have to be matched to be broken then 1 move finish the square they are on. The silver metal barrier blocks can only be broken by her passing the star cannons.

I can't see the path!
The path if you watch every few seconds will light up showing you where it is. Breaking a few blocks ahead will help you see which way its turning too.

Why do the boards move?
Its too fast for me, but it does give you a preview of the obstacles ahead and where the end is. It can help if you want to get 100% too.

How do I get 100%?
Getting 100% is pretty easy if you watch the board around you.
1 Always break the blocks behind her first
2 Always break the blocks along the sides of the path first
3 Be careful not to clear too much pathway up ahead. Inching her forward a little bit at a time will enable you to see and clear more blocks on the whole board so she does not pass them up. I always keep a few blocks ahead of her on the path so I can stop her before she passes blocks I'm still working on.
4 As you move her along you can see other areas of the board. Most of the time you get sneak peaks that you can break blocks in areas before she gets to them. Sometimes this is the ONLY way you can clear an area completely. On many levels its the only way to clear the last blocks by the paths end star.

How do I stop the "Brat"?
Keep sounds on, you will hear one move before he is ready to shoot. Clear a few blocks that have already been cleared and he won't fire his bow.

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Re:Tips to clear up game play confusion

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This tip is a bit of a spoiler so I am going to type it in white. Highlight the area if you want to know how to build you gold/food/wood faster.

> Mouse over each levels buildings. Buy the ones first that increases your gold, food or wood. I've bought all you can I think and so far It does not matter what order you by them in, the towns people only mutter. Gaining new people (except for the sheriff) or their muttering does not seem to effect the game at all. NOTE: If someone has finished the game and knows if this does please PM me. <

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Re:Tips to clear up game play confusion

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Thanks a lot for a very informative and helpful post with many hints!

Like you, I'm also curious to how the game ends. I'm now at level 40something (of 100), all my buildings are long finished, and nothing much happens. Wish there was more to do or more to build - and I'm hoping for a showdown with the bad guys at the end...

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Re:Tips to clear up game play confusion

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Are we talking about Wild West Story?

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