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Handy Harvester Level 12 (How to get expert?)

[Post New]by Taltam1 on Apr 10, 11 8:49 PM
Ok... really, how to get expert on this level? I'm good at TM games and this level is bothersome....


Re:Handy Harvester Level 12 (How to get expert?)

[Post New]by kcatbat on Apr 12, 11 8:26 PM
I can't get expert on this level either!

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Re:Handy Harvester Level 12 (How to get expert?)

[Post New]by heidid on Jun 5, 11 2:38 PM
I have to agree - There aren't enough pots to get good chaining bonuses & get extra time, so you're sort of stuck. This was the first Handy Harvester level I had trouble with, and even using my relax token meter, I was nowhere close to expert time.

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HA! Got it!

[Post New]by wmtoo on Jun 9, 11 8:49 AM
Came here for help and saw no one else had done it... so I went back and tried (and tried) again and got it. Here's how...

On Level 11, DO NOT use your relax meter (if you've already used it, go back and replay 11 and don't use it) - you will need it. Another problem with this level is the constant need to have Bug Spray on hand - ANNOYING - but with some practice, you'll learn when you need it.

So your meter should be full to start Level 12. You can replay levels until you fill your meter up, if you need to.

Also, anticipate your moves (like - if you know you're going to talk to your plants next, have yourself already there and ready or on your way).

I purchased the Fertilizer.

To start, I picked up both the fertilizer and soil and dropped it into the pots.
Picked up garlic, then water - planted garlic in both (plant in the double pot first) and then went and picked up the Bug Spray.
Water double pot, then single - you'll most likely then have to spray the double pot or both.
Pick up trimmers and perfume.
Use when needed.
Harvest when needed - but before picking up relax points, use your relax meter.
Then pick up relax points and all 3 baskets/deliver them.

Pick up soil and fertilizer, drop into pots.
Pick up garlic, then water - plant garlic, pick up bug spray.
You'll probably have to protect plants from wind.
Spray with water, pick up perfume.
Spray with perfume, pick up trimmers and bug spray again.
Trim, Harvest, pick up relax points - pick up and deliver the SINGLE POT, go back and pick up the double baskets, but wait just a second until you make sure the last Garlic order is up.

This will leave you with all Cucumbers.

Pick up soil and fertilizer, drop into all pots.
Pick up cucumbers, then water - plant cucumbers, pick up bug spray.
Water plants, pick up trimmers.
Talk to plants.
Trim plants, then Harvest, pick up points, deliver baskets.

Pick up soil and fertilizer, drop into the double pot only.
Pick up cucumbers, then water - plant 2 cucumbers.
Pick up Trimmers.
Water plants - pick up trimmers.
Talk to plants, trim, then harvest. Pick up points and deliver baskets.

You should be Expert! I did it twice, just to be sure and got it Expert both times after I figured out the routine (and after I refilled my meter for the second go).


Re:getting past level6

[Post New]by goodgirl1960 on Feb 1, 12 10:57 AM
I am stuck on level 6,do you have any tips

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