Ready for the special room

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[Post New]by eastendteddy on Feb 22, 18 10:04 AM
I listen carefully as Amethyst explains the lay out of the room she and Buddy are in.
I pray I am wrong because it sounds like one of the * shiver* tourture rooms*
Okay I am going to tell you how to open that window see I was there for awhile out of my head as Murk and his nutso goons tryed to brain wash me with those horse needles and pink pills,,, if you look at the righ hand corner you shoud see where I started to chip out the motor around the frame , to cover up the noise every time a gaurde checked in I would slopper and sing ** itsie bitsie spider crawld up the water sout*** it worked so because they should be pretty loose take the crowbar and remove the iron work , you can then use that as a handel for the trap door can you move the bed ?? if so drag it to the trap door lace the iron rods if you can around the leg of the bed through the hole where the handel was and back up to the window frame ,, then I want you and Buddy to go out the door turn right and head straight till you see a stare case go up there quietly and you will see a long hallway keep going till you hit number one hide behind the black curtain I am on my way to get you keep your Amulet open,, and Amethyst good job....
I call PTG I found Amethyst and am going to bring her here can you keep everyone here together till we get back??? make sure Roo is here I will need here I have a plan,,,,,,,,,,,I grab my Sai , my bowie knife, my sword and my pistol and off to room 1


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[Post New]by Amethyst2066 on Feb 22, 18 5:30 PM
I was about to remind the captain about the missing furniture then I had an idea, “I will get started, Captain” I answered. I would open the windows for the others and get some fresh air in this oppressive room.

I went to the windows and opened each of them following the directions that I was given then moved away. The others gathered around to get some fresh air, I gave them a moment then said loudly “I have gotten you fresh air to breathe, now you owe me. All I ask is help getting this trap door open so that I may leave; you may close it behind me and remain if you wish. The choice is yours.” I awaited a response as they all stared at me.

The biggest of the males came forward. “If it means being rid of a trouble maker, then I will help.” He said, “Now give me that crowbar.”

I gave it to him and showed him where ito put it. He levered up the door far enough for me to get a hold of it. I could tell right away how heavy it is and suddenly found another set of hands next to mine. We lifted the door open and the man with the crowbar put it down and grabbed the door. Buddy immediately went down into the tunnel. “Thank you,” I said before grabbing the crowbar and heading down.

I caught the shadow of the door closing and heard the room’s door open just before the trap door closed behind me. “I am out” I said to the amulet and followed the captain’s directions. I didn’t hear sounds of persuit, so I knew I wasn’t followed.

It didn’t take long for me to get to the stair case, move up it, find room 1 and slip in. I had to pick up Buddy to keep him quiet so that we wouldn’t be discovered. We moved behind the curtain staying out of the window and waited until the Captain showed up to help us the rest of the way.

As we waited, a curious looking ferret carrying a cell phone found its way in. I watched it for a moment while trying to stay hidden behind the curtain. I softly called it to me and it came to me. To my surprise it climbed up me and took refuge on my shoulder and dropped the phone. I barely caught it in time and wondered what was up.


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[Post New]by Amethyst2066 on Feb 22, 18 7:07 PM
As we waited, my arms started to get tired. Yours would too if they were like mine. I was still cuffed, holding Buddy, that crowbar and the ferret’s phone. Time to sit down and let my pet and the 2 items lay on my lap.

As soon as I let go of Buddy, he checked out the ferret. In turn the ferret checked him out. They both got along quite well, but I had to keep them still; we weren’t safe enough for them to play. I asked the ferret quietly if it had a name. I could swear I heard a tiny voice say “Cash”.

I didn’t know how much longer we would have to wait and hoped we would be leaving here soon.

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[Post New]by eastendteddy on Feb 23, 18 10:05 AM
Moving as quiet as a mouse Sai ready I worked my way to my old room, funny how well I remember the direction from down here , this is how those smelly rat looking gaurds moved us around,,,,,, I remembered I had a stick of chalk with me and started marking the walls as I crept along, I used >> << up down sideway curved flowers stars moons so if they were seen by the others they would not understand them they are brain dead but I will.
I am with in two feet of my old room when I spy movement to my right the I smeel it ,, I cling to the wall and wait,,, I hear the grunt and that shuffle getting closer ,, my back goes ram rod tight I know who it is ,,, one of the head gang that whiped me daily laughed at me and was forever poking me with that twisted tree branch.
I held my breath knowing he was with in a inch of me,,, and held my Bowie and my Sai at ready **** steped out and said hey there remmember me?? the look of shock was pricless as he went to scream I looped of his head.
I opened the closet door and kicked the body and head inside the up to Room One..
I lean my ear to the door ,, no sound so I turn the handel very slowly these old hinges creak and need oil,,, I call out Buddy cmere boy,,, I get pounched on by Buddy and a ferret??? Cash that you?? he was doing circels around my head his tail tickling my nose and Buddy trying to jump in my arms so I lean down and pick him up my reward a doogie slooper bath,,,shhhhhhhhh I tell them as I see the curtain move then see a female shoe,,, Amethyst it me Cap Randy you can come out now you are save,,, I see her peek around the curtain then she came runing and jumping into my all ready to full arms.
Okay you are safe now and I will have you back to The Tea Room shortly just hold Buddy I got Cash and your hand ,, follow my steps and all will be fine.
Miles of ywists and turns but we finally arrive at the Tea Room where I ask Angel to help Mrs Fletcher to get them some hot tea and some food.
Angel looks at me ,, is that Cash????????? so where is Grim????? I don;t know Angel but after they eat and get cleaned up we will find out.
Right now I need a bath and some food,,,,,, I think to Frost,,,, **** All well my brave one********* Yes Rider but hungery,,,, rats on the way enjoy,,,,,,,,,,,,


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[Post New]by Amethyst2066 on Feb 23, 18 11:33 AM
As I sat there the animals quietly played (it was as if they knew they needed to not make noise). Some time later, the door knob made noise and I watched it slowly turn. I could only hope it was help and not something else. The hinges squeaked, odd they didn't do that for me, then again I didn't open the door that slowly. I heard a soft voice call out for Buddy just as I noticed the animals take note of the new comer. To say there were happy to see Captain Randy was an under statement. Then again, I was just as happy when he called out to me that it him and okay. I couldn't help myself, I ran into his arms for a hug.

"Okay you are safe now and I will have you back to The Tea Room shortly just hold Buddy I got Cash and your hand ,, follow my steps and all will be fine. " Captain Randy told me. I took Buddy, juggled him, the phone and the crowbar in my arms and followed. It seemed like we had walked miles by the time we reached the Tea Room. I was exhausted.

"Thank goodness that we are back with friends," I exclaimed. "Now, can someone please remove these cuffs?" I asked while putting Buddy and the crowbar down. "Oh, Captain Randy, Cash dropped this into my hands, I don't know whose it is but maybe it will help." I hand him the phone.

"Who is Grim?" I ask Angel. "If Cash belongs to Grim, maybe there is a message on that phone that I just gave to Captain Randy."

Captain Randy heads off for a shower and Mrs. Fletcher leads me to a table and chair and Salty removes the cuffs from my wrists. It feels so good to be free of those things. With bowls of food and water for the animals and tea and a proper meal for me, "Thank You, Mrs. Fletcher and Salty", I settle down and start to feel just how tired I am. However, there are questions to be answered and I sense that I am not going to get much rest.

My meal finished, Buddy lay at my feet and surprisingly, Cash cuddles up to me in my lap and I find myself petting him and starting to fall asleep.

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[Post New]by Annelliegram on Feb 23, 18 11:24 PM
I am too saddened to take flight to find the Captain or my Godson. So, I take pencil to paper to write this note:

The Genie visited me today, carrying a box. At first I was delighted to see him because he is always such a good conversationalist. However, the box was not some bore small holes in it and when I opened it....inside I found my beloved pigeon.

The Genie said he has been caring for him for several days, but even he was unable to restore him to his robust former self. Still....he is alive and will continue to have a good life, but he will no longer be sent on any missions.

The Genie had been making his rounds through the Town when he heard an ever so faint coo coming from the Antique Shop. He found the pigeon chained to a shelf near the rafters with bits of torn paper all around him. He was able to tell the Genie that he was chuckling softly about Cash wiggling through Grim's jacket to secure her phone.....when he heard someone coming and flew to the rafters Unfortunately, he was spotted and that creature chained him to the shelf after tearing the note off his leg and ripping it to shreds.

Apparently Grim had been in the Antique Shop, and was trying to send off a note by way of the pigeon when she was knocked out and carried off by some unknown person through a trap door. Since the kidnapping occurred 2 weeks ago, I have no idea where she has been taken. .... signed PTG's Godmother

Folding up the paper and attaching it to my second favorite pigeon (now my favorite messenger) ..... I instruct him to deliver it to either the Captain or PTG. If neither of them can be found.....then he is to find a trustworthy alternative.....I gently send him on his way ...... hoping he will not suffer a similar fate as his predecessor.

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[Post New]by Grimwald on Feb 24, 18 6:12 AM
Chris Arwin shrugs and smirks a little.

"You're behind this?!" My outrage and indignation surprise even me. I mean, I trusted him!

"No, I've rescued you."

"Then why am I still tied up?"

"It was easier to carry you like this….?"

I tip my ear at him and glare.

Chris does an exaggerated sigh. (Jenifer was right: he is something of a drama queen.) "You're in a straightjacket, okay? I didn't have time to undo it."

Three years in the Castle and until now I've avoided the huggie jackets. A huggie jacket! I start to panic and thrash. "So get me out NOW!"

He sighs again and leans toward me. A slender knife has appeared in his hand.

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[Post New]by playingthegame on Feb 24, 18 2:55 PM
I look around the crowded room of the newly refurbished Tea Room.

The gnomes have done a magnificent job of fixing it and there are now new comfortable chairs for the tables.

In fact they are so comfortable that I have resumed day-dreaming about the dastardly recent events that have befallen us.

However, for me, there is nothing unusual about these occurrences. They have become a normal part of our daily lives.

What is also new though and slightly irritating is the menagerie all around me playing in and among our feet. There are dogs, cats, puppies, kittens and other livestock all contributing to the general mayhem and noise in the room.

Mrs Fletcher of course is beaming. She is in her element tending to all our needs with inexhaustible drinks and pastries. Several bowls of various liquids have appeared on the floor for some of these animals and tit-bits for those who are hungry.

As I sit there I idly go over the now quite extensive list of our little (well not so little) band.

There are a few absences.

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[Post New]by playingthegame on Feb 24, 18 3:03 PM
The first one that comes to mind is because of the lack of: “Do this! Do that!” that follows me around whenever Cap’n Bob is in here.

He has gone off to rescue one or more of our absent friends.

When he returns he will tell us of his plan to rescue our dear Grim who has been kidnapped.

Another absence is the young girl with a VERY LARGE yellow striped cat which decimated the robot guard.

That is worrying as our hot tempered Cap’n bawled her out for trying to save us.

She thought the amulets which we all carry were transmitting all our thoughts and positions to the enemy and attempted to destroy them.

I must find her and reassure her that he means well and would be mortified if she came to any harm.

Then there is Roo. She disappeared when we were attacked.

At this moment I get a thought message from the Crow perched up in the rafters again.

“I know where she is!



“OK! Where?

“I don’t know the name but it is in another part of the realm where she is browsing t present through a Museum that is under a Tower


It is my pet owl speaking: “Too, woo!”
(Which I now interpret as meaning the Fairy Forest)

Mmmmm! So what shall I do?

Sit here and have another cup of my superb hot drink?

Go and locate Roo as the Cap’n had specifically said she should be here with us?

Tell the Cap’n and let him have all the fun finding her?

My mind is made up >>>>>>>


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[Post New]by Amethyst2066 on Feb 24, 18 4:41 PM
I wake and realize that I had been asleep for a while. I also realize that I am on the most comfortable couch in the room with Buddy at my feet and Cash curled up on my torso. I barely move and both animals wake, stretch and look around. Buddy jumps to the floor to play with some other puppies. Cash sits up in his own way and suddenly starts to chatter in ferret. I catch the name Wickerbat in there, then suddenly he is on the floor with a second ferret running toward him.

The two excitedly greet one another and chatter away. I can only assume they are trying to tell each other about what has happened. I smile, it is so cute to see them together. Cash comes back to me followed by his friend or is it his brother...hhmmm.
A voice calls to me, “Amethyst, this is Wickerbat, Wickerbat, meet Amethyst. We are both friends of Grim.”

“Hello, Wickerbat, nice to meet you. You both can call me Ame.” I answer and Buddy comes over at the sound of my voice. “Wickerbat, this is Buddy, my friend.” Wickerbat looks at me as though he doubts my friendliness.

Buddy checks out Wickerbat in his own way and before I can stop it, there is a doggy yelp and I see teeth as Wickerbat turns away. “Wickerbat, that wasn’t nice. Come here Buddy” I say and hear Cash tell Wickerbat that he shouldn’t have done that. I check out Buddy and he has a small mark on his nose but no broken skin. At least I know better than to try to pet Wickerbat unless he wants it. “You are okay, Buddy, now go ply with the other pups.” He stays next to me and eyes the twin ferrets.

Captain Randy comes bac in and comes over, “Now what about this phone?” He asks.
Cash joins me on the couch and says “To find Grim, use the tracking app” and he reaches for the phone. The Captain opens it and Cash says “Let me sow you.”

I move over to make room, Cash climbs into my lap and the Captain sits down. Suddenly the two of them are concentrating on the phone and Cash is showing him which app to select and how to read the tracking information. Wickerbat also climbs up and I resist the urge to pet him until he rubs against my hand. I scratch his head and give his back a careful rub. I move my hand away before he can bite me, I spotted those teeth come out before he could follow through.

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[Post New]by Annelliegram on Feb 24, 18 4:46 PM
Once again, the leader of the Gnomes has come to he walks through the door, he is already talking......
We have had this discussion! .... we will NOT be helping this Captain with his "blow 'em up" shenanigans.
And, good afternoon to you, too, my dear friend....won't you please sit and have a nice cup of tea with me? And.......yes, I know that discussion has been tabled (well, for awhile, at least).
I invited you here for another, if you will please sit, I will get to the heart of the matter without further delay.

Welllllll, I guess I COULD be persuaded to accept a warm cup of tea, provided you have some of those marvelous chocolate chip cookies to nibble on as I sip the tea....
As I hand him a plate full of cookies so he can help himself and set a large cup of tea in front of him....I continue with the reason for requesting his social call.....
I have heard the Gnomes complaining about all the animals and chaos that they present around the Tea Room.....even though they are all "house trained" .... for them to just step outside and do their business is making quite the odor.....and the breeze generally is from that direction for the Gnomes.
So, perhaps, since you won't assist the Captain with his battles, you could possibly employ your resourceful clan to build a nice stable area with fences around the pasture area, and a separate "go to" area that is not downwind from your Gnomes.

Have you seen that menagerie that is over there!!!!! There are animals of all shapes, sizes, and kinds.......and what is so baffling is how they all get along with each other! And the odor even comes through our dwelling walls.
So, you will do it?
Big sigh........Ok.... but more to get my people from constantly complaining to me!

The leader of the Gnomes then stomps off, as I quietly smile behind my cup of nice tea and take a small sip. Sometimes it is just too easy, I think..... -- Then I turn to get a cookie from the is totally EMPTY! ...As I look through the door, I can see him walking off (whistling) .... and his pockets are bulging!


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[Post New]by Annelliegram on Feb 24, 18 4:48 PM
Soon I can hear the hammering, sawing, and general construction noises coming from the area of the Tea Room.....Oh! and the wonderful structure they have created when they are finished!!!!! .... The "go to" area has a lovely retractable door --- once a day, the area is restricted for a few minutes as the door retracts and all the "doings" drops into a nice self-contained septic tank!

The change in the aroma is almost instantaneous!!!!! I would swear it now smells like sweet lavender from that direction! (But, no......surely he has not been THAT industrious and thorough...... or has he???????) if I can just figure out a way to get him to offer his assistance to the Captain.......and at the same time make him think it is his idea!

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[Post New]by Amethyst2066 on Feb 24, 18 6:50 PM
Suddenly the Captain gets up and says “I know how to find Grim, we must go get her.” Cash climbs onto the captain’s shoulder and thanks me. “And Ame, look after Wickerbat for me and Wickerbat, no bitting her.” A laugh comes from Wickerbat and he appears to nod to Cash.

“I will” I say to Cash and turn my attention to Wickerbat. “Okay you little stinker, try to bite me again and you will regret it.”

“We will see about that,” He answers, giving me a toothy smile. Then he approaches Buddy and Buddy growls. I hear a sorry, but it is my nature come from the ferret. Buddy cocks his head to the side, gives a puppy yip and goes to play.

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[Post New]by Grimwald on Feb 24, 18 8:43 PM
The shredded huggie jacket lies on the ground like a discarded cocoon. I kick some dirt over it for good measure.

Chris Arwin shakes his head. "No wonder the CEO doesn't know what to make of you."

"He'd like to make dinner of me, from what I've heard," I retort. I stretch, feeling as if I've been bound up for weeks.

"No, I mean -- you're immobilized, with a professional assassin coming at you with a knife, and all you're worried about is being seen in a straightjacket."

"I DO have priorities," I say. "I'm not worried about you and your knife. But you're going to have to work overtime to convince me again whose side you're on. So --" We both turn to study the debris filling the tunnel. "-- where are we headed?"

Chris pushes half-heartedly at the tumble of cinderblocks and wooden beams. "The Elvyn Forest, but now I don't know… the way back is blocked, too. And anyway, there's the thug in the Antique Shop. He's got reinforcements coming for him soon."

I'm excited. "This is the tunnel to the Elvyn Forest? I never could find it! How come it doesn't show up on the blueprints and maps?"

"Doesn't it?" he asks, but not as if he's much interested. "You don't seem very concerned for someone trapped in a tunnel with no exit."

"Been there, done that!" I laugh. "There's about six ways out of this place. Where do you want to go?"

Chris answers.

I unscrew the nearest light bulb, and we leave the tunnel, dark and empty.

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[Post New]by virginiabreeze on Feb 24, 18 9:39 PM
I fell.

Not on purpose, of course. I had been floating through the Castle as “Diaphanous Diane” for several days, gathering food, supplies and looking for a secure place to stay. Being invisible, the guards did not notice me. The Castle ghosts did notice. I was at first quite surprised at the number of them haunting the Castle, since they were hunted and trapped during each Halloween event. But I learned that these were artificial ghosts created especially for hunting.

The ghosts knew I was a disguised mortal. They did not seem to care. In fact one particular ghost decided to be my new friend. She accompanied me on my wanderings, singing nonsensical ditties off-key and telling me fantastical stories of her former life.

However, I could not stay as "Diaphanous Diane" forever. I needed to eat and rest and Big Kitty and the kittens needed to get out of my bag. So I would search for isolated rooms or corridors where I could switch back for a few hours each day.

It was in one of these corridors that I fell and twisted my right knee. I had injured the same knee in the past and knew I would be in pain for days.

As I was trying to get up, my new ghost BFF appeared and helped me back on my feet.

“Follow me.”

I turned back in to “Diaphanous Diane” and packed the cats. I could now move, but I was still in pain. I floated behind her up and down various passages until we reached a rock fall. She passed through it and I followed.

Behind it was a large room filled with books. The room appeared to have been abandoned some time ago as there was a least an inch of dust on everything. Off to the side was a connecting bedroom. As I headed towards to bed I noticed a large mirror and a large book chained to a pedestal. The mirror had on it a plaque that read “Alice’s Mirror,” and the pedestal had a plaque that read “Glinda’s Book.”

I did not care; I needed to get to bed. I needed to finish the Castle Challenges. I needed to get to Level 41. I let out Big Kitty and the kittens and went to sleep.

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[Post New]by playingthegame on Feb 25, 18 2:11 AM
It is then that I become aware of many sounds outside the Tea Room door: hammering, sawing and a strange language being softly spoken.

I go over to the window and look outside


Our friendly Gnomes have returned with loads of wood and paraphernalia and are vigorously erecting a large corral–like structure.

Within no time at all (metaphorically speaking!) they have erected an enormous but luxurious pen for holding our multitude of pets, with various play areas and a very modern “pet-bathroom” area.

There is a large shower erected in the corner with constant fresh water from an underground stream.

On a hidden (but not from me) command, the rumbustious and frolicking pets under our feet in the Tea Room flee outside and soon we can both see and hear their ecstatic cries as they play in their own area.

On shutting the door all is now peace and quiet once more in the place.

Only one person could have arranged all this so I give a silent thanks to my ever resourceful Fairy Godmother.

Which reminds me: or a 'Cooing' reminds me.

There is a large white pigeon inches in front of my nose holding out a claw with a tiny gold band attached to it.

On touching this a small piece of paper flutters into my hand.

It is another of my Fairy Godmothers special missives.

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[Post New]by eastendteddy on Feb 25, 18 11:53 AM
I stand beside PTG watching a work of art built by the Gnomes, man they are good and fast and what a work of art, a place to romp and run and do there buisness and to eat and drink for every one of the pets now if I could only get them to help us find the tunnels we need to find , rescue Grim and get some sanity or insanity back to normal here .
I turn to PTG you know I think I hurt VB's feelings when I called her out about the Amulet but her being new here I understand her taking it that way as you all did when I first arrived here,,
You all learned I was no danger to you but was traped here like yourselves and meant no harm and being a soldier all my life and seeing this was a fake mirror MC and learning all we have learned so far I just knew I had to find the real danger behind all this and stop it or the Real MC and the surrounding areas , Cloud City, The Harbour, The Town The Elven Forrest and bejound would be lost ,, knowing Murk and Arabella were useing this place as a testing ground for there true target,, now we have the Ghostly Messanger to deal with , he turned on his family and wants them dead *** as we do *** but he is crazy with power and revenge,,,
We have been through some very horrable times and afraid to say it much more to come, but you know PTG we can not do this alone I am only one soldier trying to lead a group of civies and yah I blow a fuss every so often but I get frustrated when some one not just the new inmates but you all to ,, take things into your own hands and muck things up and put yourself and all of us in danger ,,, we HAVE to work together,,,I turn to see PTG taking a note from a pigeon,, humm does not look like the other pigeon I hope on of those Orges did not make a snack of him , what does it say my second in command??

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[Post New]by Grimwald on Feb 25, 18 4:27 PM
As the aperture closes behind us, Chris says, "By the way, I think you lost a button or something back there."

"A button?" I pat down my jacket, then my doublet. "I'm not missing any… thing…" I grab at the hem of my doublet where I had sewn in the tracer. It's not there.


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[Post New]by AnnaDownes01 on Feb 25, 18 4:29 PM
Ghost Kitten Sam has come floating by to tell me that there is an intruder in the Secret Library.

He flashes an image of a shimmering person, shimmering like himself, but also solid.
This image has a HUGE ginger cat, much bigger than Sam but not shimmering, bigger than Myrtle, also LOTS of little kittens. Pity cats can't count, he could me two or fifty two.

How did this image find the Secret Library? Why is it shimmering but solid? Who is it? I have been trying to stay off the radar, maybe that is changing. Thank heavens I keep emptying all the dust from the vacuum cleaner into the Secret Library so that it looks as if it has been empty for years. Will have to keep eyes and ears peeled to find out what is going on.

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[Post New]by Annelliegram on Feb 25, 18 5:27 PM
As the Gnomes conclude their building, they pack up their bags and equipment....then whistle as they depart.

They all leave.........that is....except one Gnome that is a bit smaller than the fact, he is so small, he could easily fit in someone's pocket.

He is soon inside the Tea Room looking for the Captain.......when he finds him, he stands at his feet and says, "Ahem.....ahem....excuse me, sir." ......No answer.....then a little louder....."Ahem..... ahem.....excuse me, sir.....are you the one they call the Captain?"

At first, the Captain looks around at his eye level with a curious expression on his face....he was sure he heard his name spoken in a questioning manner, but there appears to be no one around him except PTG. ......then he hears it again......"Ahem..... ahem.....excuse me, sir.....are you the one they call the Captain? Please look down, kind sir."

At that final remark, the Captain looks down and scoops up the small Gnome in his hand..."I am, indeed, the Captain, little can I help you?" .. Well, you can first help me by NOT calling me "little man!" ......Oh, yes....right you are, my insult intended on my, how can I help you?

So, the small Gnome continued with what he had come to say......Word has reached the Gnome clan that you are looking for someone to help you in the tunnels. My leader could not tell that Godmother woman that he would help because then he fears she will think she can ask ANYTHING of him and have her way.......but, he has instructed me to stay behind and offer my assistance......they call me "Seeker".......and for good may I be of service to you?

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