Any one got pass 12

[Post New]by rocki222 on Apr 11, 11 11:32 AM
I did, after trying for months but when you get to 13, if you fail you have to start all over again from 12??? that sucks and shouldnt be.

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Re:Any one got pass 12

[Post New]by SynthpopAddict on Apr 11, 11 6:33 PM
Welcome to the pond, rocki222

Sorry to hear you had that happen. Level 13 is supposed to be a "secret" level which is why you can't restart the game from there. Spoiler alert following (click and drag to read)--

There's only that one board in Level 13 and that's the end of the game. Pressing the S key turns the star scrolling off if that's a distraction.

[end spoiler]
The last board on Level 12 was the one that was the hardest for's just a matter of getting enough matches in the innermost loop to hold off the chain long enough for the meter to fill up, then hope that you can clear out the leftover marbles before they hit the drain on the outer loop. What you can do when you restart is to begin from an earlier level than 12 to build up your lives. Good luck!

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Re:Any one got pass 12

[Post New]by Oddsoxdi on May 29, 12 11:29 AM
At one time I was stuck on 9 for - years. But I've since made it to 13 several times and have beaten that one too.

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