Having Trouble in Spain

[Post New]by graciech on Apr 12, 11 8:18 PM
I love these kind of games, but I'm kind of stuck and the walkthru can't help me with this one. I'm having trouble getting the innertube to the fountain before all of the air is gone. The clock timer starts before I can even pick it up after putting air in it. I've managed to get it in the fountain to see where the leak is but my time runs out before I can mark it with the pen. Am I missing something? Is there an easier way?

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Re:Having Trouble in Spain

[Post New]by Mr_Russ on Apr 13, 11 7:31 AM
This is the biggest challenge in the game and there are more threads and posts about it in the forum than anything else.

Yes, the clock timer starts the same for everyone. You lose about 10 seconds before you can move.

Do you run? Move the cursor to the bottom right hand corner of the first screen while you are waiting for the timer. As soon as you have control, click to exit the garage. At that point, double-click on the fountain to run to it.

Take the inner tube out of inventory and click it on the bowl of the fountain. If you are successful, Nicole should comment about being able to see the puncture.

Take the inner tube out of the fountain. The inner tube must be in your inventory before you combine the marker with it.


Re:Having Trouble in Spain

[Post New]by kr8zyb8ker on Jul 9, 11 4:05 AM
Thank you - didn't know about the double-click trick... thanks!

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Re:Having Trouble in Spain

[Post New]by bren0418 on Aug 13, 11 9:14 AM
This is driving me crazy,i have tried over and over again to get the tube fixed but just cannot seem to do it,its either the timer or she talks about the town! is there a specific place where she is supposed to stand?i have her in the middle facing the fountain but she stops and talks about the town which wastes time,can you help! thankyou Never mind i figured it out,.......practice! you just have to be fast.

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Re:Having Trouble in Spain

[Post New]by nannoi on Feb 17, 12 5:36 AM
Hi. I'm having a great time playing the game, but I'm stuck with fixing the tyre to the motorcycle. I got to the point where I'm supposed to find another way than the wrench to do that. What should I do here? Or what should I use instead?
Thanks in advance.

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