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Expert Level 23

[Post New]by Neko6 on Apr 12, 11 10:11 PM
Any tips? The walkthrough doesn't work for expert mode, at least not this level. Once I get enough materials to build the bridge, I don't have any left to barter with at the markets and I end up burning away all my bandit ransom money making more materials to barter with.

(Update/slight walkthrough)
Never mind. It can be done if you don't build anything extra and just make materials nonstop. Hire two tax collectors, also. Once the bridge is built, the key is to remember you can dig up the two treasures in the middle of the screen I also built a chalet but I didn't upgrade it. All this did the trick. I feel kinda silly for not realizing I could dig up the treasure just 'cause I couldn't dig up the treasure on the far left.

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