Getting expert on levels

[Post New]by whitepriestess on Apr 14, 11 5:36 AM
Hi all,

Although I'm a huge fan of TM games, it's only recently that I've started getting into the building-type games. I liked the Mogul series so I thought I'd give the BAL series a go.

I've gotten pretty far into this one-almost to the end. There's something that I'm confused about, though. Once you complete a level, is it possible to go back to that level later on to get expert or is the only way to choose to replay it? And how exactly do you get expert on a level? This has me confused. I look at the timer and I thought that as long as it stayed green-didn't turn yellow-by the time I finished all of the goals for that level, that I'd get expert for it. However, when I'm taken to the world map, the level(s) that I just completed are green pegs rather than blue pegs. Up until the last couple of levels that I've played through, I've gotten blue pegs.

So I'm wondering whether I messed myself up and didn't get expert on a couple of levels and if so, if there's a way to replay them without having to start a new game.

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Re:Getting expert on levels

[Post New]by Daring55 on Apr 14, 11 1:36 PM
Hi Whitepriestess,

You can replay any level at any time by clicking on your journal, then clicking on the level that you want to do over. This is handy when you are trying to get "expert" on all levels.

You attain " expert" on a level only if you complete all tasks BEFORE the timer goes into the 2nd half of its bar. In other words, complete all tasks while timer is in right half of its bar. Once the timer goes past the middle, you will only attain normal if you complete all tasks.

Hope this helps! It is a fun game--as are all the other "Build-A-Lot" games!


Re:Getting expert on levels

[Post New]by whitepriestess on Apr 14, 11 11:09 PM
Thank you very much. Yup, this helped a lot. I finished the game yesterday after my previous post although I didn't make expert on all levels. I noticed the journal and went back to replay the couple of levels that I didn't get expert on. Still trying to get expert on one of them. XD

Thanks for the help. I'll try out the other BAL games after I'm done with this one.

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