Can't get to Fairing Point

[Post New]by pappledumpling on Apr 15, 11 5:55 PM
I have the letter and ring won't let me go to fairing point. What must I do?

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Re:Can't get to Fairing Point

[Post New]by Belladonna32 on Apr 22, 11 4:54 PM
Hi and welcome


have you got hte message on the letter or is it still blank? If it is then you have to place it on the candle in the reception area and some invisible writing will appear. After the cut scenes you then automatically go to Fairing Point as the Final Chapter.

I f you have done the bit with the candle & still don't get there , there coluld be something else ou've missed or a problem. check the walkthrough for anything you've missed & if there is nothing contact customer services for help.

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Re:Can't get to Fairing Point

[Post New]by lovetoocraft on Jul 17, 11 9:25 PM
I had the same problem. Once I clicked on the letter after the printing showed up, I still was not advancing even though the printed letter was in the inventory.

I went back inside, took the letter out of inventory, held it over the candle the second time, clicked on the letter a 2nd time. The letter went back into inventory again, and this time I was able to advance to Chapter 7.

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