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[Post New]by Uzea on Apr 17, 11 10:11 AM
I have played this game for a long long time and I do like that it is difficult but possible to get gold and now I have gold on all levels execpt 3-7, 4-1, 4-5, 5-14, 5-16, I have silver on these just can't get gold, but level 5-18 is making me CRAZY I can't even get silver and I did try some advise in another thread nothing help so if any one out there can help me it would be a wonderfull thing as I can't stop before I have finish it with gold on all levels



[Post New]by aguenth on May 15, 11 7:15 AM
You may have won it already but for 5-18, what finally did it for me was to buy an extra cat. I ended up with a lot of cows (not sure how many). I think my single cat wasn't getting all the milks that the cows were leaving so I was waiting for those all the time. But when I bought a second cat, I wasn't running out of milks anymore! I hope this helps! If you have any tips for 5-16 (if you have gotten gold) I would appreciate it. I feel like I am following the walkthrough to a t and still coming up 15 seconds shy!!

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