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Demo too short

[Post New]by sue2610 on Apr 17, 11 10:39 AM
i played the demo with 22 minutes of play left, this is really annoying... i like to play the full hour demo to see if i really get into the game im more likely to purchase it!.. i feel cheated out of my hour demo! why do game makers do this!

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Re:Demo too short

[Post New]by DragonLadyOz on Apr 17, 11 11:36 PM
Hi there sue2610,
This has occured in a number of games of late where the trial version is actually a Sample version as is the case with this game. The trial will end when you reach a certain point in the game and can last either the full hour or a shorter time depending on your personal rate of play.
Yes, it can seem to be an annoyance or disappointing when you haven't played for a full hour, but I have had to attune myself to checking as to whether the text accompanying the Try It button states Hour Trial or Sample Version.
Another clue to this is whether the file you download initially is smaller than the Full Game.

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