help to get expert on level 50? (NOT 'handy harvester')

[Post New]by angel_9_lives on Apr 17, 11 7:59 PM
I think the subject says it all Any tips would be appreciated

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Re:help to get expert on level 50? (NOT 'handy harvester')

[Post New]by heidid on Jun 5, 11 1:36 PM
I realize this is a couple of months old at this point, but just in case someone out there is still working on this level, here is my strategy.

My best score on this level is as follows:
48 seconds left
Chaining - 45
Color match - 8
Final score: 14,598

You should only have to plant 2 sets of plants. I'll note which size boxes I used; if you picked different sizes, yours may turn out a bit differently.

1st round:
Yellow: 5 peaches (1 box of 2, of of 3),
Purple: 2 eggplant (2 boxes of 1),
Green: 5 cucumber (box of 2, box of 3),
Red: 4 garlic (2 boxes of 2)

2nd round:
Yellow: 2 peaches (box of 2) and 3 pears (box of 3)
Purple: 2 eggplant (2 boxes of 1)
Red: 2 garlic (box of 2) and 2 chili (box of 2)
Green: 1 cucumber (box of 2)

If you want the extra color match and chaining points, go ahead & plant your extra box w/ more cucumber. I always upgrade all my pots with the auto-watering device. Try to chain all other actions whenever possible (spray your garlic in sequence, etc.)

Happy gardening!

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