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In the Museum

[Post New]by HighlandMax on Dec 19, 08 8:32 PM
I accidently missed the flail, that was on the same shelf as the crook. I need to find the flail before I can leave the museum. And now, I can not remember where the crook was. The walkthrough that I am using, says it's on the shelf on the far right side, but the way you move around is confusing to where the right side is. Is the right side on your right as you come through the front door, or on the right from the curators desk...it all depends on where you are as to where the right side is....if you and I were facing each other right now, my right is opposite of your right...see what I'm saying ? Bottom line, where is the flail ?

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Re:In the Museum

[Post New]by prpldva on Dec 19, 08 9:01 PM
From the director's desk, go right. It should be on the second shelf.

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