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Detailed Review of The Agency of Anomalies: Mystic Hospital Collector's Edition (Spoilers Alert!)

[Post New]by roxas87 on Apr 20, 11 9:49 AM
roxas87 review

1. Option: the wide screen and custom cursor can be turn on/off.

2. Gameplay: 2 mode(regular/advanced) h-0 scene are normal (not too easy nor too hard), puzzles are somewhat stereotypes at times,but the puzzles are really related to the background scene,and added in-depth atmosphere to your solving-mystery case.
- Hints in h-0 scene is charging quite slow,even in regular mode. However,the hint outside h-0 scene is quite unique. It show exactly what you need to do next with complete image that's suppose to happen. You just need to find the item needed,don't need to worry if you get stuck when, 'what am i supposed to do with this thingy??!'.

3. Gameplay Feature: Its notebook have 2 tabs,story and goals. story is more like journal and the fonts & images both are good. While the goals tab is keep to a minimal and simple,not cluttered like Gravely Silent one.
- It also has a 'Top Secret File',which you need to find and collect the files that are scattered throughout the game. Everytime you collected a file,a movie will play automatically,and you can replay this movies anytime you want.
- You also have the chance to collect postcards. These postcards are not worth anything,and i don't see it related to the game whatsoever. It just like a normal world war/oldies postcards image (tank,plane,etc.). Finally,the main focus is to collect 5 nexus tubes,which you will get it after you have neutralized those experimental human monsters.

4. Graphics: The environment is simply the best. The scene is not too dark nor too bright. There are always enough lighting on each scene/location,beautifully done. The theme is more towards psycho/mad scientist with their failed experiment human test subjects. However,nothing is too scary nor violence in this game. Just a feeling of someone being manipulated by a mad scientist.

5. Sounds: Average. Although the cutscene has voiced-over,but the musics that accompany to fill in the mood,is just average. Nothing great nor horrible.

6. Strategy Guide (SG): The SG is not located at the usual place in most games. you need to click Menu --> Strategy Guide. To add further misery, this SG is not in 'memory' mode, and no quick link to go back to the game (you need to go back 2x times,close the SG --> resume the game). Although, the fonts and screenshots both are acceptable to be able to read and understand.

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Re:Detailed Review of The Agency of Anomalies: Mystic Hospital Collector's Edition (Spoilers Aler

[Post New]by roxas87 on Apr 20, 11 9:52 AM
7. Storyline Length: The story have 7 chapters and 94 pages,including the bonus gameplay. Nothing can catch the attention of gamers with this average storyline,you just need to neutralize 5 kinds of human experimentation, and find the bad-a** scientist who did this to them, and pay back for what he has done! for good! lol.. the opening,the interval and the ending cutscenes are nicely done graphically, but the voice-over are not done quite well. not horrible,just acceptable.

8. CE Contents: For me,the worthless content ever!, except the bonus adventure. The worthless contents are, replaying some of the mini-games. I said 'some' because even after you completed the bonus adventure, those mini-games in that bonus gameplay are not added to the collection.
- Lastly, the achievements. I really hate this type of extra content in CE, enough said. Besides, you already have the images of the medals for the achievements in SG,so why even bother to get them and waste your time even more?? not like you can sell the medal out from this game and make bucks,lol..the point is,the medals are not valued anything. Wallpapers/music tracks/videos are much much more better content.
- Now,on to the good part,the bonus adventure. Yup,this one is a little bit less worthless. Why? The length of this bonus game is incredibly long (34 pages)! But,the gameplay is nothing different than the standard one (**** scene & puzzles), and the storyline is somewhat confused,or it is just me? When the heck that agent using a portal and get stucked on an island near the noble statue area (the one with the boat where you got the net to use it against the wolf phantom), and try to repair back the damaged portal? What the???!!! Furthermore, the notes that are found in this bonus game are not quite clear. I still don't get it who's involved in this bonus game. Dagon or Orvus,or a totally new behind-the-scene person.
- The ending for this bonus adventure revealed,that there is more towards this anomalies than the hospital alone. maybe we can expect a continuous game for this series? just wait for it fishies

Overall,this game ain't bad at all. But,with the poor content of CE,except more length in gameplay + harder navigation of SG + quite repetitive and short music,this game shows the weakness by itself. However, the good parts are we can see the unique hint made available + good progressing in storyline + good details of locations, this game is nothing more than just 'average joe'. Grade:B

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