Please Help!!!

[Post New]by duyeahno1 on Apr 21, 11 2:42 AM
Can't find the medal with the hand and circle on top , I tried to backtrack and simply cannot find it, can someone tell me where it is?? I thought maybe it was in the document device which I clicked twice, put code in twice and simply am lost. Thanks so much if you can help!!!


Re:Please Help!!!

[Post New]by duyeahno1 on Apr 21, 11 2:47 AM
Never mind figured it out!!! Thanks anyway!

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Re:Please Help!!!

[Post New]by DragonLadyOz on Apr 21, 11 3:03 AM
Hi there duyeahno1,
Welcome to the Pond and the Games forums.
I'm very glad that you managed to work out the solution to your problem yourself, and I must say that it is also a good thing for those of us who try to assist in games forums to see a response such as this to let us know that we need not "worry" about your post.
Might I also suggest in the future when you require assisance with a game that you name your post with the actual problem (rather then please help) and give more detail so that we can help more readily.


Re:Please Help!!!

[Post New]by reneejack on Apr 22, 11 9:56 AM
Where did you find it?

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