Clear the Stone Obstruction

[Post New]by joanlee on Apr 21, 11 5:07 PM
Help! I am stuck with this for a day already. Where can I find the stone to clear? Plus I can't turn the screen to smaller, it always stays as full screen, does anyone have the same problems?

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Re:Clear the Stone Obstruction

[Post New]by bfgArnoStyx on Apr 28, 11 8:05 AM
Hey joanlee,

I didn't have any problems changing the screen into windowed mode. You might want to check that the Screen Resolution (you can click on this link) settings on your computer are set correctly. If they are and you still can't switch to windowed mode via the Main Menu in the game, get in touch with Tech Support (click here for those steps) and our reps can definitely help.

Moving the stone: it's the big stone next to the river that has little squiggly lines on it. Make sure that you have a builder (person with a good amount of building experience) move it. Hope this helps!


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