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Can't get green in 26 or 28

[Post New]by elizaew on Apr 22, 11 10:24 AM
Actually - levels 26 through 30 are a bear for me. Can't get green on any of them. Any ideas anyone??

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Re:Can't get green in 26 or 28

[Post New]by ddhuntress on Apr 28, 11 6:53 PM
I have no answers for you, but have to agree...I'm having difficulty with 26-29. Will try to play 30 again and see how I got green...it was too long ago for me to remember. I've gotten green on most levels, but have only been able to get blue on 20, 26-29, 40, 47-50 and have only gotten silver on 46. Frustrating...I always play Time Management games and this is the first game I've encountered where I don't eventually get Expert level on all levels...and there are a LOT of levels on which I can't get Expert in this game...very frustrated, but determined to keep working on it!

Good luck! I'll come back and post if I figure it out. :-)

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Re:Can't get green in 26 or 28

[Post New]by ddhuntress on Apr 28, 11 7:47 PM
Here is how I got green on Level 30...I'm sure there are other ways, but this worked for me 3 times in a row.

*Tear down Oracle Tent (don't repair); replace with Jeweler's Shop.
*Kill 1st monster to get more magic
*Tear down Swing Set (again, don't repair)
*Buy workshop as soon as it becomes available
*Kill 2nd monster
*Build jeweler's shop where Swing Set was
*Buy Mansion as soon as it comes up and you have enough cash (you should have to wait one revenue cycle to have enough)
*Kill 3rd monster
*Upgrade workshop to 1-star (to protect lot with mansion)
*Kill 4th monster
*Tear down Tailor Shop
*Buy 5 more magicians as soon as you have cash
*Build Jeweler's shop where Tailor Shop was
*Kill 5th and 6th monsters
*Refill all jewelry shops
*Tear down Potion shop; build Jeweler's shop on the empty lot
*Build 2 new lots within workshop protection area; build jeweler's shop on each, as magic comes available.

Continue to re-supply jeweler's shop and needed and upgrade them as soon as you have magic and magicians.
Continue to kill monsters.
Continue to buy magicians when cash is available. No reason to allow cash reserves to grow on this one....spend it all.
You will only need to buy magic one time right after you build the two empty lots...killing monsters should supply all the rest of the magic you need.

I ended up with a 1-star workshop, a 2-star mansion, five (5) 3-star jeweler's shops and a 2-star jeweler's shop. I only had to build 2 new lots.

I hope I didn't forget anything important. I played it several times to make sure.

Note...some people say to repair buildings before you tear them down because you can net magic that way, but then you use up magic to do the repairs and have to wait for a monster to replace the magic - or spend money to buy more magic....you save time by just tearing down the first two damaged properties at the beginning of the game withOUT repairing them first. Revenue from having your jeweler's shop earlier will outweigh any magic gain on doing repairs before you tear down the oracle tent and swing set.

Good luck!


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