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[Post New]by shirl126 on Apr 23, 11 10:25 AM
I've got the lions mouth open but there's no letter, but an Easter egg instead. Now what????

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[Post New]by arose23 on Apr 23, 11 5:32 PM
Just posting to keep your post near the top, so more people see it.

I wish you luck!!

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Re:Lion Help

[Post New]by dvdiva on Apr 24, 11 6:34 PM
hi Shirl!

Happy Easter!

The letter is not found in the lion's mouth -- it's in a brown manila envelope, directly below the safe. Place the envelope on the safe to launch a find-the-code minigame.

Hope this helps!


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[Post New]by danagill on Apr 29, 11 2:09 AM
you'll also find the gold tooth in the lions mouth .

you need the manilia envelope to crack safe in order to get gun for the tranquil dart

other things youll need latter are coins , candy canes (for candy jar )

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