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Finished the game

[Post New]by msdrake on Apr 24, 11 2:29 PM
I didn't think I would like this from the forums such as only 5 hints for the whole game but when I played it you can get unlimited hints by replaying the mini games.
I don't like the lights game when they get up to 17 that you have to repeat so I just skipped those and replayed the easy ones...the lights on a board and the uncover the item so I always had 20 or more hints to help me.

It is a little dark and the items sometimes are a bit fuzzy but for $2.99 it was definately worth it for me.

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Re:Finished the game

[Post New]by MEnr56 on Sep 7, 11 5:17 PM

I just finished this game and I have to admit that this is a game that I didn't think that I would return to because when I'd trialed this, I'd used all my hints but I needed 1 more punch for my card and at a DD I decided to go ahead and purchase it.

Since that time, I had to purchase another computer and therefore, when I re-installed this game, I was starting all over again and I still got concerned because I kept on being only 4 hints ahead of the game.

When I saw the "Match a Pair" come up, I was VERY happy and thrilled when it asked me if I wanted to play it again to get more hints -- which I did until I'd gotten 15 hints and then I felt a whole lot more comfortable and after that just played that mini-game once each time it came up and the other 1 (with the colored beads) and totally skipped the "Simon says" mini-game and ended up 21 hints left over when I completed the game.

It's actually NOT A BAD game; just a bit more difficult in the beginning until you can ramp up the number of hints to your favor.


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