The little men that rob the farm

[Post New]by SamanthaB408 on Apr 25, 11 8:48 AM
I really hate the part where you have to chase the bad guys so they don't steal anything from the farm, LOL.

I was wondering, once that starts do they ever stop and the game goes to something else or do the robbers come on every level once they start?

I just started the level with the donuts and the robbers are still there.
If it does end with them coming to the farm, what level is it?



Re:The little men that rob the farm

[Post New]by SamanthaB408 on Apr 25, 11 5:43 PM
Does anybody know?

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Re:The little men that rob the farm

[Post New]by bookwriter on Apr 26, 11 5:53 PM
I just finished level 47 and they are still there, still causing trouble. I found it's good to save up so you can get a helper to work while you are chasing the robbers. Also, if you put the dogs at the edges of the field, they will get them before they come on the property.
Sorry to say at some of the levels it is just crazy. This probably isn't what you wanted to hear. Sorry !!!


Re:The little men that rob the farm

[Post New]by SamanthaB408 on Apr 27, 11 6:56 PM
Nope I didn't want to hear that, LOL.
I don't like those little suckers.
I'll move the dogs.


Re:The little men that rob the farm

[Post New]by cassandra63 on Feb 24, 12 7:05 AM
The robbers are the reason I prefer Farm Life 2. I've played that many times and just went back to FL1 to give it another try. All good, but now I have robbers and remember how much I dislike them. Hope there is a FL3, maybe with flowers or organic garden or small African village where you have to carry water then dig a well or something. Maybe an orchard? Or a greenhouse with hydroponics?

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Re:The little men that rob the farm

[Post New]by medouneu on Aug 21, 12 9:05 AM
Yes, they're annoying, but with a dog placed in each corner (4 total), you can COMPLETELY ignore the robbers while you and Mr. Night Trader enjoy a quick drink together before getting back to work (doesn't this girl SLEEP?!). And you might be able to do this much sooner than you think, because you can sell anything back at the exact same price for which you buy it.

So early on, let's say you've only got $10,000 to spend on a dog house, so you buy your first one. Come nightfall, if you have a second barn, sell it for $10,000 and buy a second dog house. If you have three sheep, sell them for $5,000 each, your shearing shed for $4,000, and a cow for $1,200 and you can buy two more. Or just buy a total of 3 while you chase off robbers in your corner of the farm with the flashlight.

Then, come morning, send as many dogs packing back to the Humane Society (suckers!) as you need to repurchase whatever's necessary for finishing the current episode. Eventually, you'll be able to "hire" four guard dogs full time, although it might be a while due to periodic expensive (but mandatory) machinery purchases. Upgrades, on the other hand, can always wait a few episodes for purchase.

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