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I Really Wanted to Like This Game....BUT

[Post New]by DeadRiver on Apr 25, 11 1:20 PM
This game just isn't my cup of tea. The Hidden Object scenes were great, moderately challenging, good graphics. The mini puzzles were fabulous, challenging and pretty unique. The story line was excellent BUT..... it is one of those games that has you running all over the place from the attic, to the back attic, to the yard, to the kitchen etc,. etc. to retrieve items that you have already seen but were unable to pick up the first time.
Also, this is no spoiler because it happened in the first two minutes: the heroine gets hit over the head with a crowbar and remedies her headache with aspirin? ouch. totally unrealistic. she probably had a concussion, maybe a fractured skull.
Like I said I wanted to like it BUT it's not for me.

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Re:I Really Wanted to Like This Game....BUT

[Post New]by FORTUNATUS on Jan 7, 14 4:30 PM
It IS a great game, I agree... yet it is not very realistic and hopefully not realistic in the sense that it is definitely a bit depressing in theme, music and graphics. Not the best game to play if you have winter doldrums, lol.

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