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Your Comments and Reviews for Diamon Jones: Devil's Contract

[Post New]by bfgImbrium on Apr 27, 11 12:36 AM
Hey Fishies! What do you think of Diamon Jones: Devil's Contract? We value your reviews, as do many of the other fishies in our pond, so feel free to post your comments and opinions in this thread!

Remember, a lot of people who will be reading this thread will have never played the game before. If you are posting spoilers, be sure to include SPOILER ALERT at the top of your post.

For discussions other than your general feedback on this game you can create a new discussion in the game forum and if you are experiencing technical issues, be sure to swim over to the support thread here.

Happy gaming!


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Re:Your Comments and Reviews for Diamon Jones: Devil's Contract

[Post New]by Catnipper on Apr 27, 11 1:49 AM

Oh, dear. I hate to write a negative review, but I had to quit the demo with 41 minutes left to play--and I forced myself to play that far. Not only did the "hero" look like an idiot, but he acted like one. Everything about this game annoyed me.

After a fire breaks out in the restaurant, you have to find pieces of a very strange fire extinguisher; then putting it together was the first puzzle. At least there's a skip button. There's an outline of the extinguisher, but you have no way of knowing if you put the pieces in the right place, so when you're finished and nothing happens, you can assume something's wrong. I gave up and skipped.

So next the fire engine arrives with one decrepit firefighter. What's the first thing you do? Why find a hearing aid for the FF.

The objects you have to find are grayed out and hard to identify. As you find them, they appear in inventory in color and you have to figure out what to do with them. The FF instructed the hero to attach the hose to the hydrant.

A hose appeared in inventory and I searched all over for it before I realized it wasn't grayed out so it was really in inventory. So I picked it up and put it on the hydrant and was told I have to open the hydrant first. How do you open the hydrant? Why, with a brick, of course.

I was ready to quit then, but gamely went on to search for the rest of the hose and then played a minigame of squirting water at the fire to put it out. Then I quit.

No buy for me. I wouldn't even play it if it were free.

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Re:Your Comments and Reviews for Diamon Jones: Devil's Contract

[Post New]by GameLvr30 on Apr 27, 11 3:25 AM
***My review has storyline spoilers***

This game is a departure from the first two Diamon Jones games. The first two were fantastic pure adventure games and this one is more of an IH0G.

The premise is you start out owning a restaurant (?) that catches fire due to a large unknown man barging in and seeking refuge from an Elvis impersonator and his three-headed dog. As soon as the fire’s out, the man runs away, requiring you to hunt him down to pay for the damages. Somehow all of this ends with you being bamboozled into a contract with the devil.

That is where my trial ended. Unfortunately when I checked the game’s length in the walkthrough, I see there are only 14 Chapters and I was well into Chapter 8 by the hour’s end. Based on that, this game will take me only two hours to complete, if that. How disappointing when you compare that to the hours it took finish the first two games.

I was also disappointed by how much the path and tasks were laid out exactly for you; even the puzzles were simple to figure out.

I feel this really could have been an entertaining story but the handholding just ends up ruining the game.

It’s a shame so many adventure game developers are going the way of the H0G/adventure hybrid. Especially when you consider these new games are not only inferior to what they had previously released, but are not even as well made as the other adventure hybrid games out there. (i.e. Mystery Case Files or Dark Parables)

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Re:Your Comments and Reviews for Diamon Jones: Devil's Contract

[Post New]by QEIII on Apr 27, 11 4:22 AM
Well I liked it! A different kind of HOG game. You look for objects within the whole scene- not just in a separate area. Then you sometimes have to combine them in a sort of jig-saw-type puzzle to do something.

What I really most liked about it was the humour. The Elvis Presley with red devils eyes and SPOILER HERE:I loved all the stuff you had to do for the deaf fire fighter like sign a form and pay him, before he allowed you to put the fire out yourself! LOL

Thought it quirky and very enjoyable.


Re:Your Comments and Reviews for Diamon Jones: Devil's Contract

[Post New]by properdoner on Apr 27, 11 6:52 AM
I like HOG more than Adventure so the third part of Diamon Jones is liked by me much. As QEIII said "You look for objects within the whole scene- not just in a separate area" and this is the main feature of the game like a HOG. Game graphic is great, we have high detailed scenes and 3d models of the characters with nice animation. All the objects are easy to find, but not so easy how it can be. During the mini games devs offer us to play the role of a fireman, a cowboy and an occult mage. I particularly like the storyline, it is presented with humor and it's quite unusual.

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Re:Your Comments and Reviews for Diamon Jones: Devil's Contract

[Post New]by Eisteepfirsich on Apr 27, 11 8:38 AM
I don`t like this game - the graphic isn`t really good, gameplay is not interesting. No buy for me overall

Orca Whale
Orca Whale
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Re:Your Comments and Reviews for Diamon Jones: Devil's Contract

[Post New]by cherbtoo on Apr 27, 11 11:38 AM
The graphics are OK and the music is too in small doses, I found it too much to have playing continuously though and had to mute.

Well I was having a chuckle to myself at the ridiculous things you had to collect to achieve your object ... to open a padlock you had to collect a radio, fob watch, torch, watering can, duct tape and some wire ... and I thought it was going to be a nice light hearted game.

So I was still chuckling to myself when Diamon goes next door and finds his neighbour locked in his fridge and the first thing you have to collect to him out is a hat but Diamon will just not stand still while you are looking for things and it is very annoying and distracting. What happens when you misclick 3 times ... the cursor does loop de loops grrrrrrrrr .

That penalty was enough to stop me buying the game by 50% ... devs please note ... so it has to be an exceptional game for me to be willing to purchase knowing that. Alas this game is not it because immediately after releasing your neighbour you have to find the pieces for his vacuum cleaner.

Now I normally just treat these games with a pinch of salt and tell myself it is just a game but I can't do this in this instance because while you are looking for the vacuum cleaner ...

Diamon is constantly sneezing all over the floor ... in a cheese shop!!!

and I found I just could not ignore it because it actually made me feel nauseous .

It was bad enough him constantly using his hand to wipe his nose in the first scene, constantly fidgeting from foot to foot in the second but the constantly sneezing in a food shop was the last straw and made this game a 100% no buy for me.



Re:Your Comments and Reviews for Diamon Jones: Devil's Contract

[Post New]by daisyduck352 on Apr 27, 11 12:10 PM
Just plain Crazy.. I thought I would give it a shot.. but didn't last long. Guess if you were desperate for a game to play for free.. it would be ok.


Re:Your Comments and Reviews for Diamon Jones: Devil's Contract

[Post New]by hydrogibbon on Apr 27, 11 1:47 PM
Not only constantly fidgeting and sneezing in the cheese shop but constantly looking at the bottom of his shoes like he stepped in something nasty. I actually liked the graphics. The music was annoying. I may have stuck with this except for the loop de loop cursor. How irritating is that? When I entered the scene with the mechanic under the car I didn't know what to do right away and clicked on a few things to be punished by my cursor. This won't be a buy for me.


Re:Your Comments and Reviews for Diamon Jones: Devil's Contract

[Post New]by WolfenRaindancer on Apr 27, 11 2:51 PM
I bought this one when it first came out on another first I was not to thrilled with it, but I wanted a game to play and this was available. The more I played, the more I enjoyed it. It is kinda quirky and fun. I know some of you will hate it, but others will have a good time with it, lol.

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Re:Your Comments and Reviews for Diamon Jones: Devil's Contract

[Post New]by mcurty on Apr 27, 11 3:20 PM
Demo Only
Looking for something fun to play??? This is it!!! It is unusual, very humorous with arcade-like mini-games.

The graphics are more cartoon-ish and very well done. I did not like the face of Diamon Jones, but I think it was part of the humor. The cheese shop owner had me laughing out loud. The artists did a great job of using exaggeration to add humor to the art work.

Searches were pictures of things that you have to find rather than words. I don't usually like this type and became good friends with the hint button during the first scene. Thank goodness that it recharges quickly. The dizzy cursor about drove me dizzy, but I tolerated it and even learned to coexist with it because the humor in this game kept me "hooked". As I played longer and became more accustomed to the art work, items were easier to find. The whole screen is the H0 scene.

There are interactive bits in each screen. Some will accomplish tasks while others trigger puzzles or arcade type games. I also don't usually like the arcades in games, but I enjoyed the ones I played in this game. Once again, the humor made me want to continue.

The storyline is given in bits through dialogue that is read, no voices, but it works well with this game. I didn't play long enough to get immersed in the story because it actually seemed secondary to the humorous antics of each scene.

If you are trying this game, give it more than 10-15 min. I enjoyed it more and more as I played and will probably buy it just to laugh along with the weird, quirkiness of the game.

As I play, I am trying to imagine what the developers where thinking when they added certain things to the game. I would really like to know what kind of thinking it takes to create some of the funny, strange, outlandish, weird things in this game:

SPOILER: (HL to read)
having a deaf firefighter show up at a fire without his hearing aid. And he looked old enough to be in a rocking chair instead of a fire engine. That was a "laugh out loud" moment for me.

cheeseman that is so huge he can hardly walk and wearing a cheese apron

After reading earlier reviews and comments, I almost didn't try this game. Boy, am I glad that I "gave it a go".

I thought the fidgeting and sneezing by the main character was hilarious. It's a game meant to be enjoyed and an escape from real life issues. It did that for me by drawing me into the ridiculously funny world of Diamon Jones.

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Re:Your Comments and Reviews for Diamon Jones: Devil's Contract

[Post New]by sunloving on Apr 27, 11 3:22 PM
Yep, quirky is a good descriptive word for this one. The puzzles are different and while not hard are unusual enough to keep me trying them, e.g. touch 3 buttons without touching edges or objects. Nothing to figure out, but fun. The developers definitely had a great sense of humor with no witches, occult, murder, etc, just an offbeat full-of-himself archeologist who is basically inept. I wish the characters wouldn't keep repeating whatever odd thing they're doing so often while you are looking for the objects. It's funny for a minute or two and then just annoying. I'll buy when it's a DD just for the entertainment.

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Re:Your Comments and Reviews for Diamon Jones: Devil's Contract

[Post New]by huntington101 on Apr 27, 11 4:41 PM
Knew nothing about this series so I had no expectations at all.

Love the music. Best that I have heard in any game. Melange of jazz and 60's television,.

The animated characters look like they have lost half their skin, sort of rotted zombies fresh out of the grave.

The guy is such a jerk that it's campy and funny. Don't know that I would spend money on this one but it was a funny 29 minutes.

Doesn't require the use of brain matter, but at least it isn't a rip off like Book of Water pretending to be something it is not.

Bopping with the music might be what made this game fun more than anything else.

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Re:Your Comments and Reviews for Diamon Jones: Devil's Contract

[Post New]by sinshack on Apr 27, 11 4:47 PM
I almost missed this soft release, and would have if it wasn't mentioned in the TGT forum!! I love Diamon Jones, but you do have to have a strong sense of humor to "get" these games. You absolutely can NOT take it seriously, or you will be very frustrated very fast.

Dang, I wish I hadn't bought those stupid tires.......but the ones on the kids' car were so bald one of them wouldn't even hold air any more. Tires or more games??? Yep, I was "responsible" for a change this month. I don't really regret the choice. Really, I don't.


Re:Your Comments and Reviews for Diamon Jones: Devil's Contract

[Post New]by rosie28sammy on Apr 27, 11 6:39 PM
I actually really liked this game. The only thing that prevented me from loving it was the fact that some of the hidden objects were simply too small and clicking more than three wrong areas gave the penalty of a really wonky cursor for a while. Having to use the hint button so much made a wonderful game not so enjoyable and that cursor was irritating. Why after only three wrong clicks? Even waiting in between wrong clicks didn't stop that horrible wonky cursor penalty. With the objects being so hard to find, a less stiffer penalty would have been nice.

Otherwise, the music was really good. Sort of jazzy and fit the theme. The artwork is sort of cartoonish, but very pleasant. The main character is really humorous. The hint button, of which I became too familiar with, refreshed very quickly. I also really liked the minigames which were different. Overall a very enjoyable way to spend an hour and now another punch on my card for the month. Thanks BF!


Re:Your Comments and Reviews for Diamon Jones: Devil's Contract

[Post New]by tar_dot on Apr 28, 11 1:01 AM
If you like humorous and unusual storylines so Diamon Jones: Devil's Contract is the game for you. Being HOG doesn't make it worse than last two parts of the series. It is just a different game and frankly speaking a good one. Very pleasant graphics and jazzy music which fits the atmosphere of the game very well. Mini games are made in arcade way, really enjoyable. Thanks Big Fish for this lovely HOG.

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Re:Your Comments and Reviews for Diamon Jones: Devil's Contract

[Post New]by mcurty on Apr 28, 11 1:47 PM
Finished playing whole game -- additions to my earlier review for Demo Only.

I liked the music a lot. It changed to fit the environment of each scene. Jazzy, upbeat, almost made me want to dance in my chair.

The arcade games were fun to do and not really difficult. If you have problems moving a mouse quickly, you won't like them. All are skippable. Some were similar to the "whack-a-mole" type games. The graphics made them fun and sometimes hilarious.

There was also an unusual match 3 toward the end. I thought that was very creative thinking in the way it was done.

Sometimes there was no indication of what to do when entering a new scene, but the hint button showed you what to do. It recharges quickly, and there is no penalty for using it.

Trophies are accumulated in your very own trophy room. Makes it look real fancy when you finish.

Overall, a fun game to play. It had scenes which were parodies of our 50-60's culture and done well with appropriate humor. I laughed out loud more than once while playing the game and that's why I play games for entertainment.

Only problem with the game for me was the length. It is a short game and I finished it much too quickly because I was having so much fun. Approximately 2 1/2hr - 3 hr game if you read all dialogue and intro scenes.


Re:Your Comments and Reviews for Diamon Jones: Devil's Contract

[Post New]by stem13 on Apr 28, 11 11:52 PM
Awesome HOG, but mb a bit short. I like its graphic design very much, well detailed colorful scenes look very nice. The music is also great, as it was told above it really made me want to dance in my chair. The humorous plot made me laughing in some scenes, especially the scene with raccoon It's doesn't matter that Diamon Jones: Devil's Contract is short, but it's worth of my spent money on it.

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Re:Your Comments and Reviews for Diamon Jones: Devil's Contract

[Post New]by FARRALOU on Apr 30, 11 2:15 PM
Found the game to be a humorous diversion from ghosts etc. shame some folks post such negative comments. If I hadn't played part of the game and read those posts I might not have bothered!


Re:Your Comments and Reviews for Diamon Jones: Devil's Contract

[Post New]by acecyberwitch on May 2, 11 3:50 AM
not for me but kids might go for it

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