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So, they wander till they die?

[Post New]by Tevele on Apr 28, 11 3:07 PM
I've read a lot of posts looking for the answer, but all I've got are clues I'm missing something! The early directions (feeding, teaching, etc) are fine. However, my villagers are at the point where they need new tech, to build new huts ( the first one just presents itself to you) and to... well, become more interesting than they are.

How do I open the new tech things and things to buy? They are all locked, which is fine, but I have about $35,000 and several thousand tech points ( I think; definitely more than a thousand). Do I just not have enough yet to start on the building part? There are absolutely no instructions in the game which I could find for unlocking anything -- just pictures of locks and a greyed out "buy" button.

I asked on another forum here, but no one's answered, so trying a direct approach. Sorry for whining. I've got the full collection except for three -- do I have to find those before anything else opens? I've been looking, believe me!

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Re:So, they wander till they die?

[Post New]by trifle on May 3, 11 9:13 AM
You have to drag someone onto the lab hut to the left of the screen. There they rack up tech points which you need to open tech things, like the building book and so on.
You need to 'learn' things before some of the other locked items become available. Which you can only do by getting enough tech points to 'buy' what you need to learn in the technology section.


Re:So, they wander till they die?

[Post New]by luckykat on Jun 4, 11 2:54 PM
Some of the tech events are triggered by where you are in the game, at least when I play. I may have enough tech points but if I have not accomplished the series of challenges the game requires the tech training remains locked. Hope that helps.

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