Pin Doll

[Post New]by gunnhoneydew on Dec 21, 08 10:02 AM
Can anyone tell me how to stick the pins in order in the doll. It is a very good
game. help.


Re:Pin Doll

[Post New]by gunnhoneydew on Dec 21, 08 11:07 AM
I tryed that I still could not get it right. Would you write it down for me. Please
I really think of a dummie here.

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Re:Pin Doll

[Post New]by lordkalvan on Dec 21, 08 2:55 PM
Choose one of the pins, and just start guessing which cork it goes in. If you guess wrong, that cork turns red; if it doesn't change color then you guessed right. When you are down to one coin left, record which color pin is in which cork, because when you guess wrong again all the pins come out but the corks don't get scrambled - just replace the ones that you already figured out and keep guessing until all of them in are in the proper corks. One pin per cork.

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Re:Pin Doll

[Post New]by penrose47 on Dec 24, 08 5:25 PM
If you put 1 in and the round disc turns red it will let you change to an other one ,I think you can do this only one time for each dart.

Like if you stick a dart into the left arm it turns red hurry up and take it out and try some where else, BUT like i said you can only do "1" time each.

You can also have a note paper and write down the ones that do not turn red, so IF you have to do over this way you will know which ones that are the "right" ones.

Hope this helps.


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