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chaper 2 [CARDS]

[Post New]by SHEAR_JOY on Apr 29, 11 3:35 PM
I put the cards together OK but what order they go, doesn't make sense. Why dose the queen of hearts goes first than jack etc.? Can any one explain it to me?


Re:chaper 2 [CARDS]

[Post New]by dragona86 on May 6, 11 4:45 AM
Hi there!

If I remember correctly, there is a text you have to follow in order to get the cards in the right order. Each word corresponds to a card, and each word has a small symbol indicating which suit the card should be. For instance, when it says something like "his father", I assume it's a King, because "father" is older, and I choose the suit according to which symbol is above the word.

Hope I helped!

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