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Come on BFG ! This is not adventure !

[Post New]by burozkok on Apr 30, 11 1:41 AM
Based on my lovely experience of first 2 ADVENTURES of Diamon Jones I bought this game w/o trying and not consulting the forum.

This is NOT an ADVENTURE game as it is classified on BFG ! It's a HOG and a boring one too. I wouldn't even call it an iHOG. Just as in Art of Murder, developers have released a HOG after good adventure games. Less costly I suppose.

I'll surely ask for a refund because of misleading classification and I'll update about the response I get.


EDITED: Wow...Are they fast or what. I got a game credit just because I wasn't satisfied. Now, that's good customer care. They also said they'll review game's classification.

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Re:Come on BFG ! This is not adventure !

[Post New]by Lefaye on May 3, 11 7:06 AM
ack!! I did the same as you and bought the game based on the two earlier adventures.....should have read the forum first.
I also was very disappointed. I found this one to be unimaginative, unamusing, less than challenging and way too short.

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Re:Come on BFG ! This is not adventure !

[Post New]by shadowfax44 on May 16, 11 11:13 PM
No. It is definitely not an adventure, but it sure is an amusing HOG game with a smattering of interactive tasks. Really quite a funny game!!

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