Second Card Game

[Post New]by javajunkie2 on Dec 21, 08 10:47 AM
I am on the 7th level. The one where Arthur goes to Death's (Grim Reaper's) house. I cleared all the cards from the first mini game, but can't seem to clear the cards from the second one. Is there a way to do this? Can someone tell me how to do this?

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Re:Second Card Game

[Post New]by bjdjtjbjd on Jun 5, 09 4:22 PM
I'm having trouble with the third card game. It says I have 4 minutes left, I'm almost done and it keeps tellling me I am out of time...... How can this be????????????...................... I keep trying it over and and over again and it still tells me I'm out of time with just two cards left and 4 minutes left in the time limit................. Is there something wrong with the the instalation of the game or is there something wrong with the game itself???????????????



Re:Second Card Game

[Post New]by charmzr on Aug 15, 09 6:59 AM
I b ought this game some time ago and only played a few levels, I am also stuck at the second card level, I noticed there were 2 messagages regarding this and there seems to be no answer. Has anyone ever got back with the solutions. Please help as it is very frustrating. Please help
Thank you


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Re:Second Card Game

[Post New]by loriaudio on Dec 14, 12 6:20 PM
the second one is more difficult the object is to try to get the overlying cards off first once you do that its done what card is getting you stuck/? with me it was ten of hearts

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