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6th Date: Faithful Friendship

[Post New]by xPsLn on Apr 30, 11 2:32 PM
What on Earth are we supposed to do with those triplets and that Alfredo in order to get away without having to babysit them?? >.<

It also seems that in this level, weird things happen. For instance, I was in the church on Wednesday/Thursday and suddenly a small window opens and Elena is talking on the phone with Elio and another smaller window opens the same time saying that the location Elena was at, reached its closing time (on the contrary, the church is open 24/7) and a third window opened, saying that Elena was out of energy, therefore she had to go home and sleep (while the energy was full) and the game was eventually over, 2-3 days before the date, which was on Saturday @ 2:00 pm.
And yes, after going through this 7 times, it has really started getting very annoying.
Has this happened to anyone else??

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Re:6th Date: Faithful Friendship

[Post New]by Elantra711 on Feb 15, 13 4:58 PM
I'm having the same problem with the week ending when it's really still only Wednesday! I didn't get the windows opening like you did, but I'm about to give up. When I go to click on the papers for the 3-year-old, all of a sudden I'm thrown out of the scene and the judge is telling me he won't authorize the kid. Not happy.

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