game will not play

[Post New]by patchwork443 on Apr 30, 11 3:10 PM
I have tried to play this game numerous times. The screen turns black, and I can hear the music but it won't play. I have uninstalled,reinstalled, shut down computer and retried playing and nothing!!!!Please help!!!

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Re:game will not play

[Post New]by bfgArnoStyx on Apr 30, 11 3:33 PM
Hey patchwork443,

Sometimes a black screen can indicate that there is something outdated in your system. Please check to see if there are any updates by following the steps on this help article:

Game Crashing, Freezing, or Blank Screen

If that doesn't resolve the issue for you, please get in touch with Tech Support (you can click on this link) and our reps can definitely assist you further so that you can start playing your game. Hope this helps!


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Re:game will not play

[Post New]by Warlady1 on Oct 18, 13 6:23 AM
I've installed and uninstalled this game twice and it failed twice. How do I get a refund? I've never had this problem with any BFG before so it's not my puter which is a one year old Dell laptop running Win 7.

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