[Post New]by expatnuk on May 2, 11 1:16 AM
i am unable to start fire in kitchen and therefore unable to find the crowbar because its too dark in the kitchen

i looked at the walkthrough and after the mini game of moving the furniture to the correct color a hidden object game should have appeared which would have supplied me with the crowbar.. however, I didn't get that option..

so now what?


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[Post New]by ember89 on May 2, 11 10:17 AM
the kitchen has a fire going in it that you need to put out... the dark room is more liek a study... so...

if you need to get to the kitchen... go to the main room of the castle where the cop is and go right 'immediately'... you will see an arrow on the right side of the screen... and *voila* you will be in the kitchen - abuzz with flies and everything!

good luck

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