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level 50 in My Farm Life

[Post New]by futte369 on May 2, 11 10:22 AM
Please help me. I have tried in many days now

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Re:level 50 in My Farm Life

[Post New]by bfgDonau on May 2, 11 1:34 PM
Hi futte369!

I've found some tips in the Level 50 thread that I think will help. I'll include one post for you here:

Anca_a wrote:hey, I just finished level 50, expert, I started making the donuts first because I think they are the hardest to make. I have 4 cows, 8 gooses and 2 sheep. While doing the donuts I was collecting the watermelon and the other small things that can be done. Afterwards I started doing the yogurt and the popcorn, when you`re doing this you can collect the eggs and milk and wool from the sheep. You`re going to have to buy all the products from the delivery guy, it will make it easier if you do. It`s a bit hard being the last level but you`ll have to juggle a lot of things. Hope you`ll make it and please tell me if you do

And also plant more cocoa or whatever those things are from which you make chocolate it will be a lot easier that way

Hope this helps and good luck!


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Re:level 50 in My Farm Life

[Post New]by Karmadona on May 7, 11 9:47 AM
Still haven't beat this level yet, but in earlier levels, I hit the "Move things" button as soon as the level started. While the game is in "Pause" node, I planned out which crops and machines to move close to each other, or move closest to the barn so I wouldn't waste time manufacturing or transporting them. While still in "Pause" mode, I planned which crops to buy or plant.

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