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Finished !

[Post New]by FeyKina on May 3, 11 1:48 AM
I have completed the game and want say how completely I enjoyed it!
Every aspect was delightful. Eugene you rock!I wish there was a bigger finish, did I miss something at level 100? But boy was my city great and my wardrobe GAGA better watch out.
thanks again for the fine experience!

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Re:Finished !

[Post New]by Kammenstein on Oct 1, 13 1:31 AM
Congrats! Then you will certainly be able to tell me how to get through level 51 (marble sphinx part 3). I have to collect 6 white balls. Four of them are locked and the power up to unlock them does not work.


Re:Finished !

[Post New]by Kammenstein on Oct 1, 13 1:59 AM
I just found out the answer myself. You have to make a straight line of 3 white balls, horizontal. Doesn't matter if the balls are still locked. Now I can go on !!

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