swap talisman

[Post New]by cln621 on Dec 21, 08 7:41 PM
how do you use the swap talisman especially at carthage level 9


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[Post New]by greatgrandmother on Feb 9, 09 2:20 AM
I need an answer to this one also...I am truly pulling out my hair... ...well, not really but I have tried to get through level 9 so many times it is pitiful...I have one piece of an artifact stuck in the same place that I just cannot get to move and I have tried about 35 times...thanks for any help anybody can give me...my hair is white and getting whiter by the minute...and I don't know how to use the swap talisman either...


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[Post New]by pictishgirl on Feb 11, 09 2:56 PM
I don't have an answer - but I've got about 30 swap talismans and can't figure out how to use them either. They don't do anything -- the pieces just go back where they were. I've done a web search and can't find any info... I'll keep searching and post back here if I learn anything.

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[Post New]by shorenuf on Mar 17, 09 10:53 PM
The swap talisman exchanges one colored symbol for any other colored symbol. So if you need to place certain colors to move the amulet piece away from the wall by making a match, you click on the swap icon, then click on the symbol you want to switch, and then click on the symbol you want to exchange for it.

I am not sure you can use it to swap out the cloud symbol or if it works on frozen or locked pieces, but it is best to use it when your amulet piece is at the bottom and you have no other choice. They will come in very handy as the levels get more complicated and there are stone walls to contend with.


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[Post New]by browneyes2 on Mar 25, 09 9:13 PM
seems like quite a few people are complaining about how to swap that token from on top of the wall in carthage level 9.. somebody should know, please help us!!!!! THANX

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Re:swap talisman

[Post New]by GmaGale on Apr 13, 09 8:27 PM
The Swap Talisman only works on regular tiles, not on frozen or locked tiles, puzzle pieces, bombs, hourglass, lightning, or clouds (I call all of these "powerups).
This level can be maddening. I'm on Journey 10, and I've tried 6 times to get past this day. But I have enough lives to keep trying. Grrrr.

First, unfreeze all the tiles in order to start moving the puzzle pieces to the outside (where they can fall out). Unlock the tiles at the bottom corners, too. I usually try to move 2 or 3 of the puzzle pieces to the right, and the other 2 or 3 to the left as soon as possible. Try to place them above the "open" space below (away from the bricks/walls)

The Amulet helps and is quick to powerup. The bomb helps get rid of the dark clouds. And using the Swap Talisman really helps make those matches. Sometimes, you can use the Talisman twice to make a match, so you can move the puzzle piece to the outside.The lightning is good to use when you want to clear one tile at the bottom to let pieces/clouds fall out, and the Amulet isn't powered up.

Suggestion: I know you've made it this far, but you might start the game over for more practice ('Change Player' on first screen). You'll be amazed how the second time through is so much easier. Plus, now you'll be saving those "powerups" for the last day, instead of using them on earlier puzzles. And you'll also know to get as many of them as you can, to help you with more difficult days. Just remember that you're not alone on this day.
GOOD LUCK to ALL of you.


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[Post New]by CheerfulDragon8 on Jun 3, 09 4:55 AM
Thanks for the advice. I've been struggling with the swap tile for some time. I know what I want to do, but not how to do it. Now I know!

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