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How hard are you finding it to reach expert?

[Post New]by DMH5321 on May 5, 11 5:37 PM
Normally when I play any form or TM games I can usually reach expert for the first many levels. I don't seem to be able to do this in this game. I am not the fastest clicker in the pond, but with some strategy I can usually have some success. This one is not working that way for me.

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Re:How hard are you finding it to reach expert?

[Post New]by Daisy_May on May 5, 11 5:55 PM
I got it no bother for cave 1 (having restarted a few times in the first few days when I wanted to alter my strategy) but missed it by a couple of days for cave 2. Replayed Cave 2 and got it just on the 20th day.

I remembered taking ages to collect enough of the long thin blood gems on the first pass. On the second pass, I hoarded them for a day or two during the quest before that. That made a difference.

I'm on cave 3 now. ETA managed cave 3 in 17 days (display was showing day 18 and I think that is the next day isn't it?). Having got lots of mature dragons helped me to get a flooky result : During day 17 I had completed what turned out to be the second to last quest, and when I clicked on 'done' and the final quest came up it I already had what that needed too so I was finished for that cave.

Did you find all the ways to get extra little bits of money:

SPOILERS (highlight with mouse to read)
There is a mushroom which gives 100 gold once or twice per cave (more detail in hints and tips thread),
You can click on the little worm that occasionally runs across the bottom of the screen for between 13 and 19 gold depending how quickly you get him
Sometimes there is a decent pile of gold left when an imp clears an obstacle (again maybe only once or twice per cave)
Collecting heroes' discarded armour gives tiny amounts of gold too.


Also, have you been collecting the blue lights from scaring off the heroes? These allow you to buy upgrades in the shop for various items and for the helper creatures.

Another tip which I haven't added to the hints and tips thread because it is a strategy thing, not how the game works (and I will put it in white here in case you don't want to know) is:

In the early days of cave 2 when didn't need many gems, I got an imp VERY early on so that by the time I needed many more dragons I had already cleared some space for them.

If you don't make extra space early on, you can end up selling levelled-up dragons that would be useful for a later quest, just to make space for dragons of the colour that you need now. Then, when you later buy more of the ones you sold, you need to wait for them to level up again.

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Re:How hard are you finding it to reach expert?

[Post New]by Leemo on May 6, 11 12:27 AM
First time playing through the 4 caves I achieved expert twice. Second try through all caves.......ALL EXPERT . Really paying attention to the tutorial and clicking on anything that looks interesting in each cave really helps. I'm sooooo pleased to finally be able to complete a TM on EXPERT and with dragons to boot! . Wonderful game.


Re:How hard are you finding it to reach expert?

[Post New]by StealthBunny25 on May 6, 11 5:47 PM
On replaying, I have expert on all but the last cave, and I missed it by ONE DAY. WOE!

Sea Anemone
Sea Anemone
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Re:How hard are you finding it to reach expert?

[Post New]by ph34r on May 13, 11 7:47 AM
missed only in first level...
why, because in my first game i forgot to click "quest" button. already done 30+ days too
secondly, after replay lv. the quest button missing. of course i cant progress at all

nb: other lv got expert on 17-18 days (first try)
i supposed last lv was hard, but NO first lvl is the hardest...
ill do it later if i have mood

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Re:How hard are you finding it to reach expert?

[Post New]by zuix on May 15, 11 11:39 AM
The first level was an easy expert, but the others took some retries. What I discovered was (1) get 3 of each dragon as soon as they are available early on, and (2) save some of the higher level gems of each type because you will probably need them for a future goal. I stinted on other purchases to get the 3 dragons each,and that helped alot!

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Re:How hard are you finding it to reach expert?

[Post New]by Freka on Sep 6, 12 2:18 PM
Interesting, zuix. I found getting the chef to be my smartest move. Then I could stop clicking on the food icons over the dragons. I generally bought TWO of each type of dragon. The trolls allowed me to ignore the heroes after I'd gotten all the essence I could use. Later, the cave gnomes took care of the gems.

Once I finished a level, but still needed to play it for getting all possible upgrades, I'd sell off all the dragons but one and let the trolls do the fighting while I collected the essence. Yes, particularly on the first island, it became boring, but I was able to get gold on all levels first time through.

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